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Ace Scaffolding Eastbourne was established in 2009, and we are based in Eastbourne, East Sussex. Since our establishment, we have grown to be a top scaffolding contractor in Eastbourne, East Sussex. The reason is simple, we deliver impeccable results on any size of scaffolding project-no project is too small or big. We provide working platforms and safe access scaffolding systems and equipment for businesses, organizations and domestic property owners that require a platform to perform renovation, decoration or new build work – at height. When you work with Ace scaffolding Eastbourne, the speed at which your project is completed will be significantly increased.

We are leading experts in scaffold systems and can provide all sorts of towers, platforms and more. Our scaffolding is built, erected and dismantled with health and safety at the forefront, so everyone can benefit from our scaffolding platforms while working at height. At Ace scaffolding Eastbourne, we have the technology and tools to address the risks associated with elevated working platforms. The goal for us is to make every scaffolding working platform safe by using industry best practice guide rails, toe boards, harnesses, scaffold towers,suspended scaffold, disposal chutes and other scaffolding safety innovations.

Looking for a scaffolding company in Eastbourne, East Sussex? Ace scaffolding Eastbourne has the ability to provide safe scaffolding and work platforms, even for hard to reach areas. Our scaffolding systems are erected, delivered and supplied in the most effective and safest manner, to provide all area access, which allows multiple or single tradesman to use equipment and work securely on a sturdy and safe work platform. To get started, call our scaffolding design experts today.

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We currently provide an extensive range of scaffolding services in the commercial, industrial and residential sectors in Eastbourne, East Sussex .


We are one of the leading specialists in heritage and industrial scaffolding work, in Eastbourne, East Sussex. All our scaffolding designs and solutions are created to match our clients needs and our team of scaffold professionals have extensive experience in the scaffolding industry. We have successfully provided countless scaffolding systems, for multiple industrial scaffolding projects – all completed to budget and on time.

From our base in Eastbourne, East Sussex, we are consistently working to improve the quality of the scaffolding for work platforms that we provide to the industrial sector. Our relationship with you matters to us, so we are fully committed to the efficacy and safety of the scaffolding we provide for your project.

Our Guarantee

  • Over Six Years Experience
  • Unrivaled Experience
  • An Exceptional Service
  • Unbeatable Value For Money
  • Industry-approved Scaffolders
  • A Full Range of scaffolding Services
  • Professional, Reliable and Diligent
  • 100% Safety and Satisfaction


We at Ace scaffolding Eastbourne also offer a full range of scaffolding services to commercial clients in Eastbourne, East Sussex. Our scaffolding services are reliable, prompt and friendly. We value our ongoing and continued relationship with our commercial clients and this is reflected in the number of return scaffolding clients we get. Do you require scaffolding services for your commercial project in Eastbourne, East Sussex? Look no further. Ace scaffolding Eastbourne can provide you with an extensive range of scaffolding services.


When you work with Ace scaffolding Eastbourne, you are guaranteed an exceptional domestic scaffolding service. We specialise in providing designs and scaffolding solutions to residential property owners. We erect, supply, adjust, and dismantle, made-to-fit access scaffolding for all our clients. Ace scaffolding Eastbourne is made up of a team of scaffolders who are professionally certified and trained and have 200 years of experience in all areas of scaffolding.
We are a CGS registered company, so all of our scaffolding work platforms comply with all relevant safety regulations.


Caster or wheels

Our casters are attached securely and easily to the scaffold and come with breaks that are easily applied and well maintained.

Hoisting materials

In the event the scaffold necessary for a project is above 19.67 feet (6m) in height, we erect the scaffold with correct hoisting devices.


The bracing components we provide will keep the scaffold frame square and plumb in both horizontal and vertical planes. The bracing components will also provide the necessary stability for lateral movements. In addition, our braces slide into place with no hassle.


Ace scaffolding Eastbourne ties are designed to prevent outward and inward movement of the scaffold and to help the standard function as vertical load carrying members.

Lifts and head room

For scaffold platforms that are used for the wheeling of loads or as regular walkways, we deliver a clear headroom of at least 1.8m, along the mid-half width of the working platform.


If the scaffold platform to be installed is above a public walkway and because of the nature of the project, materials that fall can cause injury to passersby, we take precautionary measures. Some of the precautionary measures we take include : if the horizontal distance from the scaffolding is over half the vertical distance between the screen, we provide catch screens. Alternatively, we screen the first scaffold platform with steel mesh or another robust screen to at least 1m in height.

Tool boards

For every working platform that is over 3m in height, we provide toe boards that are affixed on the outer edge of the platform. This way, when tools and materials are placed on the platform, they won’t be dislodged and fall. Toe boards come with the right strength and height to stop materials or tools from falling from the scaffold working platform.

Mid rails and guardrails

On all working platforms over 3m in height, we provide guardrails and mid rails for the exposed ends and sides.

The benefit of working with Ace Scaffolding Eastbourne


Ace scaffolding Eastbourne is the brand to trust when it comes to removing and erecting scaffolding structures that comply with all health and safety regulations, with the least fuss. With over 10 years of using our passion and experience to provide high-quality work, we have become one of the leading NASC members in Eastbourne, East Sussex. With Ace scaffolding Eastbourne, you get competitive rates on scaffolding hire services.

Over the years, we have built a team of highly skilled and experienced scaffolders who deliver exceptional results. To ensure that the right scaffolding solution is provided for your project, we provide you with access to competitively priced access scaffolding for your convenience, and ensure we provide the right solution.

As scaffolding contractors, we believe that a good business delivers quality workmanship in an efficient manner. We promise that you can count on Ace scaffolding Eastbourne to provide you with impeccable custom scaffolding systems. We are a reputable firm in Eastbourne, East Sussex because of the competitiveness of our pricing and our reliability.

We will be on your site project when we say we said we’ll be there, fulfill site plans and provide excellent value for money, especially for the quality of scaffolding service we deliver. Being able to provide excellent scaffolding services quickly, in line with our client’s specifications, and at a competitive price, is something we are proud of.

We are more than willing to provide you with a free competitive scaffolding quote on your next scaffolding project. If a competitively priced scaffolding installation conducted by an experienced scaffold company that has public liability insurance of up to X million is what you need; please get in touch with our ever friendly team at Ace scaffolding Eastbourne today.


We have the experience and knowledge to work in any environment you require access solution for. We’ll match your site with the perfect access tower for the job. With our high level of experience, we can guarantee, you will be completely satisfied with the scaffolding solution we provide for your project, whether it is in the industrial, commercial or domestic sector in Eastbourne, East Sussex.

We have been instrumental in a number of large, small and medium renovations, newbuilds, weatherproofing, and temporary roofing projects in Eastbourne, East Sussex over the years. This makes our service one of the most knowledgeable and experienced in Eastbourne, East Sussex for domestic, commercial and industrial scaffolding solutions.


Our network of depots is located in Eastbourne, East Sussex, which allows our experienced and highly trained personnel and management team to deliver excellent scaffolding solution anywhere in Sussex. If you would like to find out how we can help with your project such as painting and decorating, new build construction, renovation access scaffolding, access for architectural inspection or roofing, call us today. With our experience and knowledge, you will get the right access solution for your unique needs.

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At Ace scaffolding Eastbourne , we have an extensive range of protection and fall prevention systems for working at height, some of which include, stair access solutions, guardrail systems and safety netting. Our services include height access tube, scaffolding supply and fitting scaffolding, household scaffolding and prompt on-site erection. At Ace scaffolding Eastbourne, we are fully committed to delivering sustainable, innovative and safe access protection and support solutions for all kinds of projects. This is why our scaffolding systems are tailored access solutions that ensure the maximum protection of the public and your tradesmen.

We only make use of top-quality cladding systems and temporary roofing to provide exceptional weather protection for all areas of on-site operation. Over the years, we’ve delivered a vast array of different types of scaffolding solutions – tree protection, commercial, newbuild, residential, marine work and residential.

We have designed our own custom programmes and courses that provide training on topics such as, how to inspect and use protection and prevention equipment, a confined space work abrasive wheel manual and instructions on how to use our wide range of products like roof systems, scaffold access towers, roof edge protection systems and trestle handrails.

For your added protection, while refurbishing or constructing, our team is fully covered with public liability insurance. With Ace scaffolding Eastbourne scaffolding systems, you get full adequate protection in the work area, which means you will not lose a lot of time to bad weather, will save on cost of hiring scaffolding and cover the project faster.


Ace scaffolding Eastbourne is made up of knowledgeable and experienced scaffolders, who can match you with the perfect access tower, in whatever working environment you require an access solution. Over the years, we’ve provided access scaffolding for numerous infrastructure projects and we have built up our skills in providing appropriate and safe work platforms on bridges, coverage roads and rivers in the UK.

We are a reliable access scaffolding company, proudly working out of Eastbourne, East Sussex. It doesn’t matter what your project requirements are, if it is a project that requires scaffolding platforms for working at height in Sussex, Ace scaffolding Eastbourne is the brand to trust; providing your access scaffold. Our goal is to provide access scaffolding to that are safe, convenient and allow you and your employees to reach, hard to reach areas on site.


Our staff at Ace Scaffolding Eastbourne are fully trained to meet all industry regulations and standards. We operate to all health and safety regulations and legislative stand-alone operational procedures. We have been in the business of scaffolding for 10 years and have developed a unique knowledge base and skill set, which we use to ensure your scaffolding is erected correctly and matches all current industry regulations

Safety standards

Ace scaffolding Eastbourne scaffolding is made up of a team of highly experienced scaffold workers. You are guaranteed efficient control, efficient site surveys of the highest safety standards. Our scaffolding work platforms are industry recommended and meet all current health and safety standards. Which makes our scaffolding platforms, one of the easiest and safest high working access platform that you can get. We have an impeccable response time and your safety is our major priority. We always keep up with the latest health and safety standards and scaffolding industry development.

Health and safety

The top priority for us At Ace scaffolding Eastbourne is the welfare, health and safety are our clients and the public. This is why all our scaffolding structures are erected and dismantled with minimal fuss and in line with all current health and safety regulations.

At Ace scaffolding Eastbourne, we are fully committed to maintaining the highest possible standards, so we strive to ensure that scaffolding projects are carried out to meet and exceed the standards, outlined by the health and safety executive.

Public liability

We are fully insured against employer, and public liability. We also own all our equipment and maintain it to very high standards. Our team is made up of fully trained scaffolding professionals (CISRS trained) . As a company, we are insured for up to X million with employer and public liability. We have covered all our bases (£X million insurance cover and highest level of training), to ensure that we can provide you with the scaffolding solution that you deserve. You get the best because our in – house experts are Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme (CISRS ) cardholders and have trained with the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB). We are open to sharing or health and safety knowledge and experience with our clients.

Work at height

For working at height, we provide an extensive range protection and fall prevention systems. Whatever your requirement might be, working at height in Eastbourne, East Sussex, we can provide you with the right access scaffold. We have provided a large number of safe access scaffolding and work platforms to clients in Eastbourne, East Sussex, used to perform repair or building work at height. We also provide adequate protection for roof edges or floors, where materials or people are in danger of falling. Our scaffolding is assembled at the correct height and in the correct place, to keep the damage to the building at zero. With Ace scaffolding Eastbourne scaffolding solutions, you can carry out your construction, renovation or new build projects at heights and in hard to reach areas.

Public liability

We are fully insured against employer, and public liability. We also own all our equipment and maintain it to very high standards. Our team is made up of fully trained scaffolding professionals (CISRS trained) . As a company, we are insured for up to X million with employer and public liability. We have covered all our bases (£X million insurance cover and highest level of training), to ensure that we can provide you with the scaffolding solution that you deserve.
You get the best because our in – house experts are Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme (CISRS ) cardholders and have trained with the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB). We are open to sharing or health and safety knowledge and experience with our clients.


Every project is unique in terms of size, complexity and level of expertise needed. Therefore, there is no average cost for scaffolding hire or our scaffolding solutions. The price of the scaffolding we provide will be determined by the technical difficulty of the installation, how long you required scaffolding systems for and so on. For a specific scaffolding quote, please call us on 01323 315 033.

Hire rates

We have one of the best delivery and higher rates in the scaffolding industry. To get a free scaffold quote for your project, get in touch today.

Delivery rates

If what you need is a company that delivers industry grade, high quality equipment at great prices , you’ve come to the right place. Whether you need long-term or short-term scaffolding services, there will be no hidden charges with Ace scaffolding Eastbourne. We always provide our scaffolding clients with fully itemised quotations with the fixed price.


Would you like some more information on our scaffolding services? Please get in touch with a member of our scaffolding team today, on 01323 315 033 or send an email to We are waiting to discuss your scaffolding requirements and offer a solution for your project requirements.

We are fully committed to supporting you, from the designing scaffolds through to dismantling upon completion of the work. Get started with us is easy – for the perfect scaffolding solution, no matter how small or large, call us on 01323 315 033 or send us an email at

Information about Eastbourne


What is a scaffolding platform?

Scaffolding platforms are temporary supported or suspended platforms that come with a point of Anchorage, used for supporting the materials or tradesmen who paint, decorate or build at height.

What is the length of time it takes to set up a scaffolding working platform?

The amount of time it would take to install scaffolding platform system, would depend on the kind of scaffolding being installed. On average, it could be anywhere from 2 to 48 hours.

What is the cost of a scaffolding service?

The charge for our scaffolding services is not fixed and so it is hard to give an outline figure The best way to get an idea of cost is to call us on 01323 315 033 and have our scaffolding experts discuss your project and provide an outline scaffolding price. We can then visit your site, measure up, and provide a detailed breakdown of all the cost implications of us providing you with your scaffolding systems.

What is a work platform?

According to work at height regulations, work platforms are platforms used to gain access or work at height. Work platforms include suspended scaffold, mobile platforms, cradles, trestles, stairways, gantries, gangways and more.

Why is scaffolding important?

One of the major advantages of scaffolding in construction is that it delivers access to servicemen in areas that are difficult to access, especially for working with high ceilings or walls. With just the use of lightweight metal, fibreglass or wood, placed on a network of support, scaffolding provides any tradesman with the height to get their work done.

What is the importance of scaffolding in construction?

Scaffolding is a temporary working platform that offers support and is used to elevate materials and workmen during construction. Scaffolding systems are erected to ensure the safety of workers, while a building is being built or maintained.

How is scaffolding measured?

To measure scaffolds, the total height is divided by the height of a single scaffolding section. With this calculation, the number of rows a scaffolding system for a specific project will be determined. The number of rows is then multiplied by the number of columns necessary to arrive at the total number of scaffolding section the projects will take.

How high can a scaffolding structure go?

This depends on the scaffolding structure being erected. For freestanding tower or rolling scaffolding systems, the platform height must not be above three times its smallest base dimension, this is called the 3 to 1 rule. For scaffolding systems that need to be built above the 3 to 1 rule, it needs to be secured or guyed to a building structure to stop it from overturning.

Is it necessary to tag scaffold?

The tag system is not mandatory, however the inspection of scaffolding structures is. Reports from scaffolding inspections need to be submitted to the right person upon completion.

Would I need to get a permit before having a scaffolding system erected?

If the scaffolding system is to be erected within the boundary of you property, there will be no need for a licence. However, if it to be erected on the pavement on the road outside of your building, for example, then a licence from your local council will be required. If this is the case, it will be our responsibility to get the relevant scaffolding permit.
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