Internal Scaffolding in Eastbourne

Internal Scaffold Systems

Ace Scaffolding Eastbourne provides commercial and industrial scaffolding to local and international clients. We also provide internal scaffolding for those places where conventional ladders might not work. Our internal scaffolding allows workers to complete jobs safely and securely. During a new building construction, we use birdcages that serve as crash decks to prevent materials and personnel from falling into the building.

Our talented and experienced team of scaffolders can erect any scaffolding inside a building using the latest techniques and scaffolding equipment. We have an extensive range of scaffolding options at Ace Scaffolding Eastbourne.

We have worked on lots of internal scaffolding system projects across different sectors. We guarantee maximum professionalism throughout the design phase and installation of internal scaffolds.

Over the years, we have supplied scaffolding to small business owners, large multinationals, government bodies, NGOs, painters and decorators and and many more types of client.

We understand that customer needs vary, which is why we provide bespoke scaffolding services. Our tailormade internal scaffold systems can be used inside any building structure. We offer customised scaffolding services for building redecoration, renovations, new construction and other jobs. Our scaffolding provides safe access for workers. We consider your project timeline and your needs when erecting your scaffolds.


We provide scaffolding for different sectors. So, you can contact us for your scaffolding no matter the type of project you are working on.


We provide scaffolding services for the domestic sector. We work on domestic projects of any scope and type. We are the choice scaffolding company for homeowners and other stakeholders in the domestic sector. We are known for our affordable pricing and our strict attention to details. We help with DIY projects, home renovation, home decorations, solar panel erection, rooftop components, fascias, gutters, access work and so on.


Ace scaffolding Eastbourne is a top scaffolding company in Eastbourne offering commercial scaffolding hire, erection and sales to companies, organisations and brands. For decades, we have been offering high-quality access equipment to commercial users in Eastbourne.


Ace Scaffolding Eastbourne provides all kinds of scaffolding service to industrial customers in Eastbourne. Our industrial clients rely on our experience and knowledge attained over the years while working on various industrial projects.

Our Guarantee

  • Over Six Years Experience
  • Unrivaled Experience
  • An Exceptional Service
  • Unbeatable Value For Money
  • Industry-approved Scaffolders
  • A Full Range of scaffolding Services
  • Professional, Reliable and Diligent
  • 100% Safety and Satisfaction

Component Features

  • A base plate or jack that serves as a load-bearing base for the scaffold  
  • The standard which connects the scaffold mass directly to the ground
  • The ledger which is a horizontal brace 
  • The transom which is a horizontal cross-section load-bearing component that holds the decking unit, board and batten 
  • The cross-section bracing component and brace diagonal 
  • The board or batten decking component that is used for the working platform 
  • The coupler that is used to join the components together 
  • The scaffold tie that is used to tie in the scaffolds to structures 
  • Brackets that are used to extend the width of the working platforms

Benefits of Using Ace Scaffolding Eastbourne Service

Experience High Quality Scaffolding

We combine experience with expertise to bring our clients high-quality scaffolding service for the commercial, industrial and domestic sectors in Eastbourne.
We provide quality scaffolding for hire for exterior and interior usage, maintenance, decoration, lighting rigs, staging and more. We use top-quality materials to guarantee the safety of everyone that uses our scaffolding. We bring all scaffolding materials to your site at your convenience using our capable vehicles. We service almost all locations in the United Kingdom, so you can trust us to deliver in locations that other scaffolding companies can’t deliver to.

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Affordable Pricing

We supply various scaffolding equipment, including bridge scaffolds and access internal scaffolds at competitive rates. We provide affordably priced scaffolding for domestic, commercial and industrial clients across several locations.


Our scaffolding company provides protection for several issues, including roof edges and floor protection where there is danger of materials and people falling from heights.

Our scaffold protection ensures that your projects are completed according to schedule at minimal costs. Our protection allows work to continue regardless of the weather condition. We protect all workers that use our scaffolding, and we aim for maximum safety, cost savings and time savings.


We have lots of experience in hiring and erecting access equipment and scaffolding. We have over ten years of experience providing scaffolding in Eastbourne and its environs. We have served a dynamic range of clients ranging from nuclear contractors to insurance companies.

We work on all kinds of projects, be it small repair works or large-scale construction projects. We have a competent and experienced team of scaffolders that can handle any project. We discuss your needs with you and inspect your site to ensure that we supply you with the right scaffolding. All our equipment get tested regularly to guarantee your safety. The safety of everyone associated with our projects is paramount to us. That’s why we have a public liability insurance of up to 10 million.

Personalised Service

We provide personalised services for our clients. This sets us apart from other scaffolding companies. Our clients love us for our strong work ethics, personalised style and the special considerations we offer our clients to meet their needs. We offer good customer service and support as we believe that customers are the lifeline of any business.

A lot of the business we get comes from customer referrals. We have done well for so many clients that they refer us to others who need scaffolding services. We deliver scaffolding services when needed without compromising quality.

Say No to Downtime

There is no downtime when you use the services of Ace scaffolding Eastbourne. We work at night to meet deadlines and to conform with access requirements of sites and production requirements of factories.

Customer convenience is key to us, and we provide flexible scaffolding services. We have worked on numerous industrial, commercial, and domestic scaffolding projects. We complete our services on time and according to budget.

We provide high-quality service to our clients, and this has helped us to exceed expectations and endear us to them. Our clients continue to patronise us after our first contact with them, and we get repeat business from them.


We ensure that your building site meets all safety regulations. As a company, we believe in playing by the rules. We keep up with the latest trends and technology in the scaffolding business, and we do well to improve our clients’ businesses with these. We are the trusted scaffolding company of choice for all sorts of projects in Eastbourne and other surrounding areas.

Safety Standards

All our work is carried out according to the latest safety standards. We are professionals who do all we can to please our customers. We go the extra mile to deliver flawless services with efficient and fast scaffold erection, total site support, excellent customer service and competent safety measures. We ensure that the right equipment is used to assemble scaffolding safely and correctly. We leave no stone unturned to ensure the safety of everyone. We do all we can to minimise the risks of injury, which has helped us to attain a great safety record.

Every one of our operators is trained according to CITB CIRS standards. We carry out all jobs according to recommended safety and health standards. We are an experienced and professional scaffolding company in Eastbourne, providing scaffolding services to those in and around Eastbourne.

Health and Safety

We are a safety-conscious company whose goal is to raise the bar in safety and health for other scaffolding companies to follow. We believe that safety and health are paramount, and we uphold strict safety and health regulations on all our work sites. We provide after-hour services in full compliance with all safety and health regulations for the assembly of safety netting and scaffolding inside and outside premises like car parks, bus depots, factories, town centres, and retail shopping outlets.

As scaffolding contractors, we ensure that all our team undergo regular training in full compliance with the latest Safety and Health legislation. With our scaffolding service, site workers can work on varying locations and heights in full security and safety. Our safety consciousness has made us the first port of call for those that need scaffolding in Eastbourne.

Work Height

We have a notable safety record thanks to years of experience and insistence of best practices. We have strict health and safety policies that put the clients first. We are reliable, and we set high standards for all our projects. We work on diverse projects in the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors.

Your employees can work at varying heights with our temporary scaffolding structures. These temporary scaffolding follow safety and health regulations and allow for convenient repair and cleaning of buildings.

We have a strong, highly-trained workforce who can handle all kinds of scaffolding projects. Our workforce has completed NASC access and safety training along with NUCO first aid training. They have also completed SpanSet height safety courses. These training courses and others have made them competent.

Public Liability

We have insurance covers of up to 10,000,000 for employer’s liability and 5,000,000 for public liability. We handle all our jobs to control and reduce risks to all employees, contractors and everyone associated with the projects. We share all health and safety expertise and information with clients, and we work closely with them to improve performance.


We provide affordable service, and we go to great lengths to provide quality service for all customers. We provide top-notch service while taking care to see to clients’ special needs.

Hire Rates

We offer competitive hire rates and delivery charges. We provide courteous, hitch-free, flexible service where we put the customer first. We use the best equipment while maintaining friendly pricing.

Delivery Rates

Our scaffolding services range from the installation of scaffolding to the delivery and transportation of scaffolding supplies.


If you want to have work done on the interior or exterior of your property, you can contact one of our professional team members, and you’ll see what we can do for you. You can email us or give us a call telling us your project requirements and details, and we’ll discuss your project in detail with you. Ace scaffolding Eastbourne is your go-to scaffolding company in Eastbourne, and the quality of our work speaks for us. 01323 315 033

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What Are the Major Parts of Scaffolding?

There are three major components of scaffolding. They are the ledgers, transoms and standards. The standard is a lengthy pipe that connects the mass of the scaffold to the ground. The standard runs the length of the scaffold.

How Tall is A Scaffold Section?

Apart from the guardrail system and the base plates, the major components of a scaffolding system are the cross braces and the frames that are stacked and combined to form larger scaffolds. The most common frame size is 5 ft by 5 ft. Other frame sizes are also available.

What Are Scaffolds Used For?

Scaffolds are used to hold materials and support people during the construction or repair of various structures. Scaffolds provide a safe place for work and easy access to materials.

How Long Does It Take to Erect Scaffold?

Scaffolding could take as little as two hours or as much as two days to erect.

What Materials Are Used for Scaffolding?

Till the early 1920s, wooden scaffolding was used. This was replaced with metal tubes made from steel. Metal scaffolding is common today, and it is the industry standard.

What Type of Scaffolding Is the Most Common?

Supported scaffolding is the most widely used. Supported scaffolding is different from suspended scaffolding, and it is built from the ground-up. It is efficient and safe, which has made it the most common type of scaffolding used for construction jobs and other jobs.

What Is the Spacing Width Between Scaffold Planking in Regular Conditions?

The regular standard is that the space between each scaffold plank, or a scaffold plank and an upright be a maximum of one inch. This only differs for special cases where wider spaces are needed. But in these special cases, the platform must be decked or planked as needed.

What is The Distance Between A Building and A Scaffold?

Horizontally, intervals should not be more than 9.1m (30 ft) from one end. Vertically, there should be a spacing 6.1m (20 ft) or less for scaffolds that are less than 0.91m (3 ft) wide, every 7.9m (26 ft) or less for scaffolds that are more than 9.1m (30 ft).

How Far Must the Planking on The Working Floor of a Scaffold Overlap?

If tiebacks are used, they must be installed at angle 90 to the face of the building, and they must be securely fastened to a chimney. For carpenter bracket scaffold, the platform must have nothing less than two 2-inch by 9-inch nominal planks that do not extend more than 18 inches or less than 6 inches beyond the support at each end.

What Safety Precautions Are Necessary for Scaffolds?

There should be at least ten-foot distance between electric power lines and scaffolds. A hard hat should be worn under or on a scaffold. Sturdy work shoes should be worn on a scaffold. Anything placed on scaffolds should be removed at the end of every workday.

How Can Scaffolds Work Around Steeples, Chimney Stacks, And Buildings with Weird Architectures?

Scaffolding is more flexible than most people think or know. All you need is an expert that knows a lot about scaffolding and how to use them well. The most intricate and complicated place can be reached using specialised scaffolding methods. Additional fittings and pieces are often used to access the desired areas.

What Happens if Scaffolding Damages Your Roof?

We are experienced scaffolders that can provide the highest quality scaffolding. We employ best practices, and we are fully insured. We adhere to ethics, and we are professional in all our deeds. We are a safety-conscious company, and we inspect our equipment regularly. We are vigilant, and we watch out for risks to property and people. If any fault occurs, we’ll work with you to resolve the issue so you can count on us. One of the best ways to know the real identity of a company is to see how they react when things go wrong. Things hardly go wrong when you use our services, but if they do, we’ll cooperate fully with you. We’ll work with you to resolve and repair issues.

Must Scaffolding be Used for Every Project or Ladders Work for Some Projects?

For most jobs that take place at heights, scaffolding is safer to use than ladders. Scaffolds have a more stable base constructed to sit well on the ground. Ladders are rarely safer or more reliable than scaffolds. For places where ladders can be used safely, the slant of the ladder limits your working space and you are left with a smaller working area. A scaffolding will serve you better in this case.
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