Working scaffolding platform

Ace Scaffolding Eastbourne is one of the leading scaffolding companies, delivering working scaffolding platforms in Eastbourne, East Sussex. We provide custom scaffolding structures that are secure and safe, to provide tradesmen with access to carry out repairs, new build construction and renovation work. Our team of highly skilled scaffolders, our competitive pricing and the attention we pay to details has positioned us as the scaffolding company of choice for homeowners, property developers and tradesmen in Eastbourne, East Sussex.

The work access scaffolding solutions we provide to our customers in Eastbourne, East Sussex include: access stairs, clean working scaffolds, tower platforms and more, are designed to facilitate efficient scaffolding working platforms for all kinds of renovation, construction and decoration work done in all kinds of work environment Eastbourne, East Sussex.

One of our core offerings, is safe working platforms specially built for the construction trade. These platforms are completed to comply with relevant scaffolding legislation and within your stipulated project timeframe.


For more than 10 years, Ace scaffolding Eastbourne has been delivering high quality working scaffold platforms, and equipment to domestic, commercial and industrial clients in Eastbourne, East Sussex. We have a broad range of scaffolding structures for hire that are suitable for all kinds of job. We have built a unique wealth of experience because we have supplied scaffolding solutions to domestic, industrial and commercial clients for a long time, this gives us an edge over other scaffolding companies. We are able to seamlessly work on different types of project – we could work on a town hall roof one week and then switch to providing ramps and stages for an event company the next.


At Ace scaffolding Eastbourne, we offer excellent scaffolding solutions, suitable for all kinds of domestic project. Our in-house scaffolding experts are the benchmark in the industry in terms of quality of service. The scaffolding solutions we install and remove are done in accordance with, government regulation and health and safety standards.


We have over 10 years of experience in the scaffolding industry. We can handle all kinds of scaffolding and access requirements for commercial projects regardless of complexity. Our team of scaffolders are trained to deliver premier service, in compliance with health and safety regulations. Ace scaffolding Eastbourne has the relevant experience and expertise to see a project through from start to finish.

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You can rely on Ace scaffolding Eastbourne to provide scaffolding on industrial site builds, new industrial estates, warehouses, factories and delivery centres. With our wide range of scaffolding equipment and our wealth of knowledge, we are positioned strategically to meet your needs, no matter how demanding or complex the project for which you need scaffolding. Call us, to get a scaffolding quotation for working scaffolding platforms!

Component features

Whether it is the platform itself or the features on it, we pay specific attention to every component of the scaffold tower to guarantee its safety.

Scaffold boards

A standard scaffold board is a maximum span of 1.5m, it is also 25mm wide and 38mm thick. Scaffold boards are made from sawn softwood however, in some systems, lightweight metal scaffold boards are used. For thicker boards, greater spans can be achieved but the distance between the transom, which the scaffolding boards spans must not be above the maximum span stipulated for each board.

Our Guarantee

  • Over Six Years Experience
  • Unrivaled Experience
  • An Exceptional Service
  • Unbeatable Value For Money
  • Industry-approved Scaffolders
  • A Full Range of scaffolding Services
  • Professional, Reliable and Diligent
  • 100% Safety and Satisfaction


Braces are supportive elements, used to reinforce the fundamental scaffolding. Braces like additional couplers, facade braces and cross braces can be used in various combinations, to support the structure in multiple ways. For example, cross braces run diagonally between ledgers and attach securely to standards to increase the overall rigidity of the scaffolding working platform and structure.

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Toe boards are usually placed between vertical standards. Toe boards come in wood, steel or aluminium and each toe board is used for different purposes. For example, steel toe boards are used to reduce fire hazards and they last longer. In addition, because of how steel toe boards are designed, there are no gaps or openings between the toe board and the deck.

Toe boards

Transoms come in different forms and function differently, depending on how they are placed on the ledger. Main transoms provide support for standards by holding them in place as well as support planks or boards. Intermediate transom are placed alongside mean transoms to give additional support to boards and planks on your working platform.


Running horizontally in between each standard are ledger, which offers weight distribution and support.


Tubes are typically made of steel or aluminium, although there are composite scaffolding made from fibril-wound tubes of glass fibre, in a nylon or polyester matrix. Because of the high cost of composite tubes, they are mostly used only when there is possibility of danger from overhead electric cables that cannot be shut off.


These are affordable climbing frames made up of two stilts, joined by steps or rungs, used for the purpose of ascending or climbing a building structure.


Standards are long pipes or tubes that connect the scaffold system, directly to the ground. Standards run all through the length of the scaffolding. The base of each standard is connected to a base plate, which helps distributes the weight each standard bears.


Alongside the basic structural elements of a scaffolding system, we also provide multiple scaffold ties, to secure the scaffolding to the adjoining building. As good practice, ties are attached every 4m on alternating lifts levels. However, depending on the kind of scaffolding, the tie types and patterns can vary. For example, trough ties are used to secure a scaffolding to a building via a building’s open window. Box ties help secure scaffolding attached to building’s external features like pillars.

Why Ace Scaffolding Eastbourne?


All our scaffolders and professional engineers have extensive scaffolding industry experience locally and internationally; they have completed all nationally recognised scaffolding qualifications. With their in-depth knowledge and expertise, you can have peace of mind knowing that you will get the quality service that is competitively priced and safe. We are well versed in the development and design of bespoke working platforms, tailor-made to suit the individual requirements of your site and workers.

Quality scaffolding

You can trust Ace scaffolding Eastbourne to deliver high-quality scaffolding services at competitive prices. Whether you are looking for a scaffolding platform or basic scaffold hire, we can provide it all. The scaffolding systems we supply is of high quality and fully tested for safety. As a precautionary measure, the scaffolding solutions we provide are erected by our insured experienced scaffolders. So, no matter the type of project you’re working on, school, shop, or home building, we can help.

Competitive prices

At Ace scaffolding Eastbourne, we are committed to providing top quality service at competitive prices. We understand the importance of providing cost-effective but quality scaffolding working platform services to our clients. So, we are constantly working to ensure this is what our clients get. Our scaffolding deliveries arrive on time and we always make the specified parts available.


For us at Ace scaffolding Eastbourne, incorporating safe technology into working platforms, such as integral components, like guardrails and toe boards, is something we take very seriously. This provides safe solutions for all the people working on the scaffolding platforms, and reduce the risk of injury. As health and safety professionals, we are passionate and proud of our collective contribution to the innovative scaffolding safety technology that we create, combating safety risks in every project.

CISRS and CITB approved

As a leading scaffolding company in Eastbourne, East Sussex, we have raised the standards for scaffolding companies in our local area, by offering exceptional service. We are a team of CITB and CISRS approved scaffolders, which is why our clients have peace of mind, when they work with us. We can help with commercial, domestic, industrial scaffolding hire, covering chimney scaffolds, edge protection, scaffold handrails, high-street scaffolds, temporary roofs, scaffold towers and more.

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At Ace scaffolding Eastbourne, we believe health and safety is paramount therefore, we have very strict health and safety policies that guides our operation. We only deliver high-quality scaffolding work that matches your expectations. We ensure our scaffolding services are delivered in a manner, which guarantees your safety.
You can rely on Ace scaffolding Eastbourne to deliver one of the best scaffolding services in Eastbourne, East Sussex – we committed to delivering services in a manner that you will be satisfied with. We take special care to ensure the scaffolding platforms, we erect and dismantle comply with health and safety regulations and conducts full thorough inspection before we make them available for use.

Safety standards

Our team of expert at Ace scaffolding Eastbourne can help with the erection and dismantling of scaffolding solutions in compliance with safety standards and government regulation. All our vehicles have medical boxes in them and our scaffolders have completed first aid training with NUCO. The scaffolding work platforms we supply, also meet all health and safety regulations. As a company, we hold ourselves to very high standards, which is why all our scaffolders are highly trained and experienced. So, if you need professional scaffolding services in Eastbourne, East Sussex, for your commercial, industrial or residential project, contact Ace scaffolding Eastbourne today!

Health and safety

The access platform equipment we have in Eastbourne, East Sussex are fully tested to the highest safety standards and comply with all necessary health and safety regulations; your safety when you work at height is guaranteed.

Our in-house scaffolding erectors have gone through all the necessary health and safety training procedures and have on job training and experience that adheres to HSE regulations. When you work with Ace scaffolding Eastbourne, you get scaffolding erectors for your construction job or project, who will deliver the scaffolding solution, in the finest possible manner, with you health and safety at the forefront.

Work Height

Our scaffolder’s at Ace scaffolding Eastbourne are trained and insured to work at height and erect scaffolding work platforms with minimal disruption to others living or working in the immediate vicinity. To ensure your safety, we take health and safety very seriously and are certified members of several professional bodies in the scaffolding industry. We provide independent scaffolding inspection services in line with the legal requirements of the work at height regulations 2005 and inspection can be scheduled on a need basis. Even though it is not a statutory requirement, we always give a handover certificate on completion of work and a decommission certificate, when we dismantle the scaffolding solution.

At Ace scaffolding Eastbourne, we cater to the public, trade, industrial or residential project because our scaffolding working platforms are perfect for all kinds of tradesmen to carry out work at height.

Public liability

Ace scaffolding Eastbourne operates a stringent health and safety policy and have very exemplary safety record. This is because we put our scaffolding client’s needs at the centre of everything we do. All the scaffolding materials we use are manufactured to the highest safety standards and are regularly inspected. We provide as much on-site support as a project needs. And for you total peace of mind, we are publicly insured for up to x million.


Without sacrificing quality, our scaffolding platforms and services are affordable. We believe in offering value for money and delivering professional services at highly competitive prices for our clients in Eastbourne, East Sussex.

Whatever your scaffolding or access higher requirements might be, we are confident that we will exceed your expectations, at a cost that you will be pleased with. For a lot of contractors in Eastbourne, East Sussex, the cost of scaffolding work platforms is a major concern, but when they come to us, they are often find relief with our affordable rates. However, it is important to note that the cost of access scaffolding is totally dependent on a couple of factors such as the kind of structure (multi-storey building, or a small structure) and what the scaffolding is for.

Hire rates

It is important is that you are comfortable with the cost of your project and you get a quick response when it comes to price. When requesting a working platform quote, all you need to do is provide us with relevant information concerning your project via phone or fill out our quotation request form via our website and we’ll deliver to you free and detailed scaffolding quotes in no time. To understand your project requirements, we will send our specialist over to your site before a final quote scaffolding platform is provided. Then we can put together the scaffolding system you need and erected in a timely manner.

Delivery rates

Ace scaffolding Eastbourne has some of the best delivery rates in Eastbourne, East Sussex. We offer next day delivery for clients in Eastbourne and have made it is easy for you to hire our scaffolding services over the phone.

Contact us

If you have questions or you’d like help selecting the right scaffolding working platform for your project, please contact us at 01323 315 033. Also get in touch with us, if you are unsure about the ground of your property, and would like help with selecting the right scaffolding. We offer a free, no obligation scaffolding site survey.


What is the function of scaffold platforms?

Scaffold platforms, aka staging, temporary structure, or scaffolds are used to support materials and work crews in construction, repair, and maintenance of bridges, buildings and other such structures.

What is a work platform?

According to work at height regulations, work platforms are platforms used as a place of work or as a means of access or egress from a place of work. Work platforms include suspended scaffolds, mobile platforms, cradle, gantries, gangways, trestles, stairways and so on. Because trestles are regarded as working platforms, they are also subjected to the requirements placed on scaffolding working platforms, by the current health and safety regulations.

What is platform height?

In simple terms, platform height is the height at which a work platform can be raised. It is also the distance between the ground and the platforms.

What is working Height?

Working height is the area, a work man can reach while standing on a work platform

What is risk assessment?

Risk assessment involves the careful examination of a site, to discover possible dangers and harm that can occur to workmen on a site, as a result of work related activities. Risk assessment is conducted to allow you put in place the necessary precautions to prevent harm from occurring. If you are contemplating having servicemen work at height, a risk assessment needs to be carried out in order to pinpoint hazards and the degree of risk present, because work at height regulations require that you follow the risk assessment approach with scaffolding working platforms.

Is it possible for roofers to work without scaffolding?

It would depend on the roofer and the type of roofing work being done. For example, in some instances where ladders cannot be safely grounded because of the state of the ground, scaffolding is often needed. Scaffolding work platforms are required for roofing projects in most cases.

Why scaffolding is always used in place of a small crane?

The answer is simple, it is much easier and cheaper to get permission for scaffolding than for a crane. This is because scaffolding is usually erected within the boundary of the site and therefore doesn't require a licence from your local authority. However, when scaffolding obstructs a highway or footpaths, yours scaffolding company would have to obtain scaffolding permit for your local council before work can begin. Then you will get a licence and pay a fee per week. After the permit is issued, inspections once a month will be conducted by your local council to ensure that you stay within the terms of your scaffolding permit. It is easy for you to get scaffolding licence within a couple of days. Cranes will not fit inside the boundary of a building, especially in cities, which means they'll be on the road for a considerable amount of time. This is why scaffolding structures are the more popular choice.

How do I calculate safe working load (SWL) for scaffolding?

The safe working load of scaffolding is usually determined by the division of the minimum breakage strength (MBS) of a component by a safety factor assigned to use and type of equipment. Typically, safety factor is usually between 4 to 6, with an exception, when the failure of equipment could pose the risk life, then the safety factor will be 10.

What is the safe workload for general purpose scaffolding systems?

We recommend that you hire scaffolding or access solutions from a reputable and reliable scaffolding company, who purchase their materials from reputable manufacturers. At Ace Scaffolding Eastbourne we liaise with the manufacturers we work with regarding capacity of any specialised scaffolds, access systems and scaffolds, so we only provide you with the best. WE can provide you with specific guidance on safe workloads for the scaffolding working platforms that we provide for you.
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