Experienced Scaffolders in Eastbourne

Looking for an experienced and highly skilled team of scaffolders in Eastbourne or somewhere along the A27? Ace Scaffolding is a reliable scaffolding contractor with a team of well-trained, professional and expert scaffolders who possess all the requisite knowledge and skills for erecting and dismantling scaffolds. Our scaffolders ensure a safe and secure scaffold is professionally erected for any type of building or structure.

We have combined 200 years of experience in scaffolding in Eastbourne. With our team of trained, competent scaffolders, we provide bespoke scaffolding service to our clients in the domestic, commercial, and industrial sectors. Whether you need scaffolding for the redecoration of your commercial business premises, or scaffolding to provide support and access to workers on your domestic building, our scaffolding services are designed to meet your needs with unbeatable turnaround times.

Scaffolding Sectors

We have certified and specialist scaffolders with vast experience in handling domestic, commercial, and industrial projects. Our registered and advanced team of scaffolders have many years of experience in providing scaffolding services of different scales to our customers in Eastbourne and other surrounding areas.

Domestic Scaffolders

We have a team of professional and highly-skilled scaffolders who are experienced at handling domestic scaffolding in Eastbourne. We take pride in building on our track record in small work and domestic scaffolding.

Commercial Scaffolders

Ace scaffolding provides commercial scaffolding services to businesses and private individuals in Eastbourne. We boast of certified expert scaffolders with vast experience in offering a wide range of commercial scaffolding services. We have our clients at heart in the execution of projects, paying unparalleled attention to every necessary detail. Ace scaffolding has the capacity to provide a reliable and professional scaffolding service for your next project – whether it’s scaffolding for structural repairs on your property or for construction work on your building. We adhere strictly to Health and Safety standards, ensuring we provide a platform to enable your workers to work on your building without fear of a fall.

Industrial Scaffolders

We’re the leading scaffolding contractor in Eastbourne providing professional commercial scaffolding to several industries and sites, including construction, power generation, airport, railway, offshore, fabrication and marine. Our several years of quality and specialist scaffolding has earned us the reputation amongst many as the best scaffolding contractor in Eastbourne.

Ace scaffolding has worked on prestigious projects with a great deal of commitment and dependability. We continue to provide unmatchable scaffolding to our clients, and we’re more than ready to handle your next project. With our impressive stock of resources and experience, we will provide the perfect scaffold systems for your project.

Scaffolding Types

As seasoned professionals in providing scaffolding services to our clients in the commercial and industrial sector, we offer different types of scaffolding tailored to meet our customer’s needs. We provide the following scaffolding types:

Access Scaffolding

We specialise in the various types of tube and fitting and other scaffolding systems, providing quality access solution for different infrastructural projects – roads, tunnels, rails, seaports, bridges – and other sectors, including commercial and leisure such as stadiums, office buildings, residential areas, retail outlets, data centres, power, health and educational institutions.

Decorating Access

Ace scaffolding provides decorating access scaffolds to property owners and building contractors in Eastbourne and surrounding areas. Our decorating access scaffolding helps our clients carry out internal and external building decoration. We can erect quality scaffolds to serve as secure platforms for your renovation and decoration at any height.

Internal Scaffolding

At Ace scaffolding, we equally specialise in providing internal scaffolding of exceptional quality to enable access to areas where ladders cannot suffice. Internal scaffolding gives support and security to workers to carry out building or renovation work in a building. Birdcages are sometimes used for crash decks to prevent workers from falling into the structure.

Our Guarantee

  • Over Six Years Experience
  • Unrivaled Experience
  • An Exceptional Service
  • Unbeatable Value For Money
  • Industry-approved Scaffolders
  • A Full Range of scaffolding Services
  • Professional, Reliable and Diligent
  • 100% Safety and Satisfaction

Support Scaffolds

We’re also the leading experts in providing specialist design scaffolding such as support scaffold, temporary roofs and hanging scaffolds. We take pride in being one of the most affordable, yet expert suppliers of rental access equipment in the UK. We are completely dependable, with an experienced workforce comprising of well-trained and certified plant operators, bricklayers, labourers, scaffolders and exceptional supervisors.

Temporary Roofs

Ace scaffolding is a top contractor and supplier of temporary roofing systems, scaffold accessories, aluminium lattice girders, site stairways, and other safety equipment. We have an incredibly experienced workforce that can handle any needs. We have the capacity to supply short term or long term temporary roofs and safety nets.

Suspended Scaffolding

Our highly skilled and professional scaffolders are well-experienced in erecting safe, secure and top-quality suspended scaffolds. Our scaffolders are CITB CISRS certified and fully trained to provide you with exquisite service at a very affordable rate.


Ace scaffolding is a professional scaffolding contractor with over 6 years of experience, and we’re experts at providing the following services:

Short Term Scaffold Hire

We offer short term scaffold hire for different types of projects in Eastbourne and surrounding areas. We boast of a team of expert scaffolders who erect our scaffolds with a great deal of professionalism. Ace scaffolding is a leading scaffolding contractor with an experienced management team, and emphasis on efficient customer service. We’re the best bet for the scaffolding hire service you need for your building.

Long Term Scaffold Hire

Looking for a long-term scaffold hire for your building? Ace scaffolding offers quality scaffolding hire for long term construction or renovation projects. As a team with combined XX years of experience, we appreciate the unique challenges associated with working on such projects. We start by drawing up a design concept that reduces or eliminates the possible damages scaffolding might cause to your building or its surrounding areas. We have operational teams that work hand-in-hand with our client’s design team and building contractor to ensure strict adherence to health and safety regulations.

Scaffolding Construction

Ace scaffolding are experts at constructing scaffolds for domestic, private or industrial use. We’re leading professionals in providing excellent scaffolding construction in Eastbourne, offering a complete package that includes expert CAD designers and CISRS-registered scaffolders. We have a wealth of experience gathered from many years of handling several scaffolding projects ranging from private buildings to multi-million building deals. We remain the scaffolding contractor of choice in Eastbourne.

Scaffolding Erection

Our team of CITB and CISRS qualified professionals are well-trained in scaffolding erection and other associated services. In compliance with the specified legal time-access to site requirements, we erect scaffolding at night. Our highly-skilled experts each have a rich amount of experience in scaffolding erection in the commercial and industrial sectors. We continue to deliver excellent scaffolding erection services on time and to our clients’ budget.

Scaffold Design

Our scaffold design services meet the health and safety regulation standards. At Ace scaffolding, we have qualified and certified scaffold design engineers to handle your building scaffold design, giving you maximal satisfaction and quality. We have many years of experience in providing specialist scaffolding services such as design, erection and dismantling. We have a flawless record of professional and exceptional service delivery.

Scaffolding Inspection

To maintain the safety of scaffolds, it’s required that they are inspected regularly during the period of use. Our extraordinary scaffolding service includes regular and professional scaffolding inspection. Ace scaffolding carries out emergency and planned scaffolding inspections to assess safety and compliance with recent regulations on behalf of the customer. We provide a written report thereafter, with photographs attached to further strengthen the report.

Why Choose Us

There are many reasons we are the leading scaffolding contractor in Eastbourne, and they include:

Quality Scaffolding

To build on our track record of excellence, we buy our scaffolding equipment from renowned suppliers with a reputation of supplying top-quality, health and safety compliant products. Our expert scaffolders are well-experienced in delivering scaffolding of the highest quality to our customers in different industry sectors. They have extensive expertise to provide you with bespoke scaffolding services. We ensure our scaffolding equipment and tools are of the highest quality possible to guarantee safety on the project site. We have a fleet of sound vehicles to supply scaffolding materials.

An excellent scaffolding system allows workers easy access to difficult-to-access areas of the building. We’re ever-committed to providing our clients safe and secure working platforms for their projects.

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Competitive Prices

Our aim as the top scaffolding contractor in Eastbourne extends beyond giving our clients quality scaffolding to doing so at competitive prices. We’re a reliable, business-friendly company that offers scaffolding services at competitive prices; scaffolding our clients can rely on. You can get in touch with our CISRS-registered scaffolders to get an accurate quote for your next project on
01323 315 033.

Friendly and Honest Service

We remain unbeatable in quality scaffolding delivery in Eastbourne. We have an efficient and friendly team of scaffolders who are always ready to give you timely and reliable scaffolding service. We take pride in our capacity to handle all types of scaffolding in any sector – whether domestic, commercial, or industrial. We have a friendly and honest customer service available 24 hours every day of the week.

CSCS Trained Operatives

Delivering excellent and professional scaffolding service is a priority to us at Ace Scaffolding. This is why we employ only professional and well-trained scaffolders to execute our projects in several industry sectors. Our members of staff hold the highest qualifications, which meet the regulations of the NASC and other scaffold professional bodies.

CIRSC Health and Safety Approved

Ace scaffolding places a premium on health and safety, ensuring every member of staff holds CISRS, CITB and IPAF qualifications. As the top scaffolding company in Eastbourne, we adhere strictly to recent health and safety regulations in the industry. We remain the best scaffolding contractor to handle scaffold erection and dismantling for your building project in line with the necessary health and safety standards.

No Job is Too Large or Small

We have the capacity to provide professional scaffolding service to all project sizes – big or small. With our vast experience in small works or domestic scaffolding and high-rise building scaffolding, we have the requisite knowledge and experience to provide scaffolding for projects of any size. We’d be happy to discuss with you or your contractors on how we can meet your need.

We Take Pride in our Work

Our consistency in delivering top-quality and professional scaffolding service over the years has built for us a solid reputation among our clients. We do not rest on our oars, as we continue to build on our track record of excellence providing top-notch scaffolding to individuals and businesses in Eastbourne.

We take pride, as health and safety specialists, in our accomplishments and contribution to the safety technology that provides worksite protection against falls and other risks.

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We have the expertise to make your building site compliant with all health and safety regulations. Whether you need scaffolds for residential building renovation or major constructions, choose Ace scaffolding and be rest assured of professional scaffolding that meets all the necessary Health and Safety regulations.

Safety Standards

We do not take the issue of safety lightly in our scaffold erection and dismantling. We can proudly say that no scaffolding contractor offers the same quality and safety of scaffolding that we offer. We have experienced and qualified scaffolders to ensure we meet the appropriate safety standards in our scaffold erection and dismantling.

We carry out scaffolding of the highest quality possible, translating to the safety of your workers and the general public. Our scaffolds adhere strictly to Health and Safety regulations.

Health and Safety

Ace scaffolding has a team of experienced and specialist scaffolders, so you can rest assured that the job will be done to meet the Health and Safety standards. Our members of staff are trained to the HSE standards, and we provide them with the best quality equipment to execute projects.

We’re a progressive company with CISRS accreditation and a sparkling resume of delivery jobs in strict compliance with health and safety standards. This is why our clients keep coming to us for their scaffolding needs.

Work Height

As professional scaffolding contractors, we work in compliance with the 2005 Work at Height Regulations, delivering safe and secure working platforms to our clients in various industry sectors. Our members of staff undergo regular training to stay updated with the latest developments in health and safety.

Public Liability

Ace scaffolding has public liability insurance of over £10 million. We ensure proper safety measures are put in place to prevent falls and the guarantee of the safety of the general public.


Several factors influence the ultimate cost of scaffolding. For instance, the number of sides in a house that needs scaffolding will determine the final cost of the scaffolding. Other important factors are the scale of the project, scaffold height and scaffolding type. For us at Ace scaffolding, our scaffolding pricing depends on the number of lifts your project needs. You can get in touch with us for an accurate quote.

Hire Rates

We offer clean scaffolding erection and hire service at competitive rates in East Sussex. Call us today for a discussion on our hire services and rates.

Delivery Rates

We offer a comprehensive site survey completely free of charge. We assign an experienced Contract Manager to every project site to communicate with the customer and building contractor on a regular basis. We execute projects in a professional manner and we do so on time. We’re willing to offer you a free accurate quote for your next project.

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Information about Eastbourne

Frequently asked questions

What does a Scaffolder do?

Scaffolders are trained professional who erect and dismantle scaffolds which gives a safe, secure and elevated platforms for workers to carry out renovation or construction work on a building.

What are Scaffolders duties?

Typically, the duties of a Scaffolder include designing, erecting and dismantling scaffolds which are used by workers to safely access higher areas of a building for renovation, cleaning or construction. Scaffolders work in teams with duties assigned to each professional scaffolder.

Do you have to wear fall protection on scaffolding?

Ace Scaffolding ensures its workers are protected from possible falls when working at height 6 feet or more. However, fall protection is required for workers working 10 feet or more, and this protection is typically a guardrail.

Do scaffolders have to wear a harness?

Safety is an important aspect of scaffolding, so there is a need for professional scaffolders to take measures for their protection. Safety Harness (also known as Personal Fall Protection Equipment) is the minimum safety requirement a scaffolder must wear to work at height.

How safe is scaffolding?

Scaffolding provides a safe, secure and legal working platform for workers at height, enabling them to access higher areas of a building. Scaffolding is recommended above several other elevation means, especially in complex, long-term projects involving many workers and equipment.

How high can you build scaffolding?

According to regulations, with a rolling scaffolding, the platform height must be less than or equal to three times its smallest base area. This is known as the 3 to 1 rule. Scaffolding that exceeds this rule must be secured to another structure (a process known as guying) to avoid overturning.

How long does it take to erect scaffolding?

Scaffolding can last from anytime between 2 and 48 hours. However, the time it'll eventually take depends on the type of scaffolding.

What qualifications do you need for scaffolding?

Although there are no laid-down requirements, it's necessary that you have the Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme (CISRS) registration. Also, having GCSEs at grades A to C in Maths, English, and design and technology may prove helpful. Having construction site experience is also an advantage.

How is scaffolding cost calculated?

It is important to know the exact number of rows of scaffolds a building project will need. To do this, the total height measurement of the scaffold is divided by the height of one scaffold section. To get the total number of scaffolding sections needed for the building, multiply the number of scaffold rows by the number of scaffold columns.

How long does it take to become a qualified scaffolder?

It normally takes about three years to become a qualified scaffolder. Our experienced scaffolders have done their training and have years of experience on diverse projects.
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