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If you need quality scaffolding services in or around Eastbourne, then get in touch with us at Ace Scaffolding Eastbourne today. We provide different types of scaffolding erection services ranging from heritage building scaffolding, to scaffold tower hire, to safe access scaffolding platforms, short term and temporary to long term scaffolding hire.

Over the past 10 years, we’ve built an enviable record of excellent scaffold service delivery. Customer satisfaction remains our top priority and we take pride in the trust we’ve built with our customers across East Sussex whilst delivering domestic, industrial and commercial scaffolding projects. Our success as a complete scaffolding service is shown by the rave reviews we receive from our numerous customers, and most importantly by the acquisition of many new scaffold projects through repeat business. Our expertise, modern equipment, and excellent scaffold workers provide clients with confidence that safe access is guaranteed on their construction and renovation project sites.

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Scaffolding Sectors

At Ace Scaffolding Eastbourne, we’ve gained years of experience in delivering innovative scaffolding solutions to customers in a diverse range of commercial, domestic or residential, and industrial sectors.

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Our Scaffolding Services

Ace Scaffolding Eastbourne offers innovative safe access solutions suitable for diverse projects, be it small-scale home improvement tasks to complex industrial construction sites. Our highly experienced scaffolders create unique plans and designs based on your requirements. We offer an extensive range of scaffolding erection services across the Sussex region, ensuring that our clients get the scaffolding solution that works best for their project.

Leveraging our years of experience in scaffolding design, we can assemble any type of scaffolding platform. We specialize in providing quality and bespoke scaffolding systems that help our customers to avoid safety problems that may arise on their sites.

We have the experience to fit our scaffolding designs into your project requirements. We’ll supply the technical scaffolding drawings with appropriate details on request. Whether you’re a domestic or a commercial customer, you’ll receive honest scaffolding advice from one of the most competitively priced companies in the industry.

Are you looking for scaffolds on short-term hire?
From scaffold hire and delivery to erection and dismantling, we have the resources to support your building and renovation projects. Our scaffolding services are flexible. So, if you need the scaffold dismantled earlier than planned, or if you require more scaffolding than originally expected, we can work to ensure you have the access that you need.

Our company provides scaffold erection and hire services for long-term projects, or multiple projects. Our team of experienced workers can accommodate any supply requirements, including for scaffold erection, new builds, timber frame, safety netting, and timber frame on long-term contracts.

Our focus is to offer an unparalleled scaffolding hire service which fulfills all scaffold regulatory standards. We understand that quality scaffolds are crucial to construction projects. Therefore, we always supply strong platforms for builders and renovators to work productively and safely at height.

For more than 10 years, we’ve been providing specialist scaffolding erection services for different kinds of projects. Our scaffold workers are well-trained in scaffolding construction to provide safe access in confined spaces and difficult to access areas. We have extensive experience of creating a wide range of scaffold platforms through our commercial and residential scaffolding construction services.

We’re proud of our enviable service record and reputation built over the years by our team of reliable scaffolders. Our scaffold workers are fully certified and highly qualified to design, erect, and inspect scaffold platforms of any type, ensuring that health and safety standards are strictly adhered to.


Scaffolding Supplies

We also offer quality scaffolding supplies with excellent customer support services - no matter the size of the projects. Whether you’re a homeowner trying to put up a temporary roof or an industrial concern with a big new project, we've all the scaffolding supplies that you need. You're always welcome at Ace Scaffolding Eastbourne!

Scaffolding Contractors

Ace Scaffolding Eastbourne is one of the top scaffolding contractors in East Sussex, providing a full range of scaffolding services to commercial, domestic, and industrial sectors.

We put the interests of customers first and go beyond their expectations to deliver scaffolding service standards that differentiate us from other scaffolding companies in Sussex. Our scaffolders will first discuss your budget and time frames and then work with your construction team to create a plan for efficiently completing your project.

Scaffolding Erection

Our professional scaffolders can construct different types of scaffold, such as access platforms and scaffold towers. We’ve gained decades of construction industry experience and our scaffolding erection team possesses the requisite expertise and training needed to provide professional services of the highest quality.

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What OurCustomer Says

Excellent service, arrived on time and were such a polite bunch of guys. In and out in a flash and as soon as I was done with the scaffolding they arrived to de-construct. Would highly recommend to friends, family and anyone else who needs their services!

- L J Wren

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Scaffold Dismantling

Our scaffolding services entail both scaffolding erection and scaffold dismantling for residential, commercial, and industrial entities. Whichever type of scaffolding service you want, we'll provide you an excellent solution at an affordable price.

Access Equipment

Our company is fully registered with the NASC and we're a leading scaffolding and access equipment service provider to the construction industry in Eastbourne, East Sussex. We can provide access scaffolding and working platforms custom-built for your individual needs. We can recommend the safe access equipment that will work best. We can supply a full range of scaffolding materials, such as cables, hoists, ropes, and wheel chutes. We construct the safest access to any working space allowing one or multiple workers and their equipment safe, easy access, while giving them a secure platform for work.

Scaffolding Inspection

Safe access scaffolding requires continuous inspections to ensure health and safety compliance. We’ve experts who have been trained through advanced scaffold inspection courses using the ScaffTag system.

The health and safety of staff is our top priority at Ace Scaffolding Eastbourne and we’ve continually enhanced our working practices to meet and exceed scaffold industry standards. We also provide work site risk assessment and implement safety policies to safeguard the health of our workers and the general public.

Edge Protection

As our services involve working at height, we supply handrails and edge protection on working platforms and we can also provide rubbish chutes, on request, to move rubble away from the work area safely.

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