System scaffolding

Ace Scaffolding Eastbourne scaffolding systems are designed and constructed to meet the high standards builders and contractors demand. Our reputation is well earned because we provide the most innovative and quality scaffolding system and accessories possible.

The system scaffolding we deliver is robust, modern and there is no limitation to its application. More superior to all fitting in and tubes, our systems scaffolding give you what you need at no extra cost.

What are the types of scaffolding systems we erect and supply in Eastbourne, East Sussex?

At our depot in Eastbourne, East Sussex, we supply various modular scaffolding, some of which include:

  • Quick stage system 
  • Shoring props system 
  • Frame scaffolding system 
  • Ring loc system 

  • Cup loc system 
  • Perry up system 
  • Leyhar system 
  • Haki system

What are the benefits of our systems of scaffolding


Our systems of scaffolding come with complimentary sturdy accessories (Swing gates, wall ties, stairways, outriggers, decks, plans and more), which makes it possible for the scaffold solution to be used for work in all kinds of environments.

Increased productivity

Our scaffolding systems are made using fewer components and they are more lightweight, so assembling and taking down our scaffolding is faster. For the same area of coverage, Ace scaffolding Eastbourne systems are quicker to erect as opposed to traditional systems of scaffolding.

Our Guarantee

  • Over Six Years Experience
  • Unrivaled Experience
  • An Exceptional Service
  • Unbeatable Value For Money
  • Industry-approved Scaffolders
  • A Full Range of scaffolding Services
  • Professional, Reliable and Diligent
  • 100% Safety and Satisfaction


The unique designs of our scaffolds makes them suitable for use on any site imaginable. Our scaffolding structures are flexible to set up and the capability of their components are ideal for exterior and interior, grandstand seating, events, hanging scaffold solutions, renovation work, refineries and more.

Lighter than traditional tube

The components of our system scaffolding are manufactured using high grade tubes that are over 20% lighter than traditional tubing. This feature of our scaffolding systems makes it easier to move the systems, and better for settings where you need to keep the weight down.


Our scaffolding systems cut labour costs significantly because of their ease and speed of dismantling an erection. Ace scaffolding Eastbourne systems are a model, which means that there are no bolts, clamps, nuts or other fittings, and this makes setup simpler. All the components of the systems scaffold are pre-engineered and measured, to reduce the construction time, the number of components necessary and jobsite confusion.
Faster to erect

Ace scaffolding Eastbourne systems scaffold are much easier to erect because the number of loose fittings for connections is kept to the barest minimum.

The sectors we cover

Commercial scaffolding

We cater to all kinds of clients and have the expertise and resources to provide the right commercial scaffolding system for your needs. We are the scaffolding company of choice for your commercial work at height and hard to reach structural areas.

Industrial scaffolding

We have delivered tailored access solutions, using industrial scaffolding systems, for a wide range of industrial sites over the years. This includes delivering emergency access for repair during power outages, full-scale constructions scaffolding for the building of new facilities and access for regular maintenance. Your project will benefit from our expertise.

Domestic scaffolding

Are you looking for a reputable scaffolding company, to support your domestic construction in Eastbourne, East Sussex? Think Ace scaffolding Eastbourne!

We have provided scaffold hire and support for a lot of large housing developments, to small developers, builders and homeowners working on new buildings. Be it major improvement project or small repairs, you can depend on Ace scaffolding Eastbourne, to provide the perfect, cost effective scaffolding for your project.

Our system scaffolding erection and supply process

Before any project is started we hold a full consultation session with our clients to understand in detail their scaffolding working platform requirements. Our team is made up of dedicated scaffolding specialists who ensure all areas of the scaffolding system are erected, dismantled and maintained to the highest standard.

The Ace scaffolding Eastbourne our systems scaffolding service begins with the full survey of the project sites, evaluation of potential safety risks and getting a full understanding of your project requirements, before a systems scaffold is designed, planned and erected. We carefully complete the erection of the system in compliance with relevant health and safety guidelines.

One of the things that separates our service from other scaffolding companies is the bespoke service we deliver. We do not leave anything to chance, so we only use the highest grade of scaffolding equipment, inspected and regularly maintained by our in-house scaffolding workers. Our team of highly skilled and experienced scaffolders stay current with the latest industry best practice processes by undergoing regular training.

Why choose us

As a privately run company, our clients can expect a highly personal and thorough service from scaffold design to dismantling. In addition we are:


Ace scaffolding Eastbourne has been in the scaffolding industry for 10 years. During this time we have built up a wealth of scaffolding knowledge and experience. Our clients get superb scaffolding systems when they work with us. At Ace scaffolding Eastbourne, we are proud of our history of scaffold projects in the commercial, domestic and industrial sectors. Take a look at our scaffold project gallery to see what we have done in the past.


Our scaffolders are very experienced and are able to provide scaffolding systems that offer protection in work areas, while ensuring very little time is lost due to bad weather, accidents or health and safety issues. Our clients can save money and time on construction and renovation projects. We can help with your commercial, domestic and industrial scaffold system hire, covering chimney scaffolds, access scaffolds, edge protection, scaffold towers, scaffold handrails, temporary roofs and high street scaffolds.

Quality service

A lot of tradesmen and contractors in Eastbourne trust us to supply and build the scaffolding they need. Our quality scaffolding systems are built with the safety of the workmen on your project in mind. Not only do we have great tracking procedures and excellent time management skills, we also supply great scaffold systems and are a hundred percent reliable. This is why we have a strong relationship with all the businesses, tradesmen and homeowners we’ve worked with.

When you choose Ace scaffolding Eastbourne, you get a powerful support network, expert scaffolding advice and excellent workmanship from some of the best scaffold workers in Sussex.

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No job too small or big

For our team At Ace scaffolding Eastbourne, no job is too big or small for us to handle. We can supply a wide range of scaffolding products, from rubbish chutes to towers and handrails. We carry our our scaffolding work efficiently and to time, while adhering to all relevant health and safety guidelines.

We are one of few Eastbourne-based scaffolding companies to have National Access and Scaffolding Confederation(NASC) certification. We are also one of the most accredited scaffolding companies in East Sussex. At Ace scaffolding Eastbourne, we are completely committed to delivering reliable scaffolding service from consultation through to the completion of their project. We follow scaffolding industry best practice and comply with all health and safety regulations.
It is our policy to deliver work in a manner that controls and reduces the work at height risks for our clients. We are proud of our accident free, impeccable safety record. This is a testament to the professionalism of our scaffolders and our dedication to every project.
All of our scaffolders have scaffolding certifications. They are CITB advanced registered. We are also accredited members of the CHAS.

On-time completion

The scaffolding services we provide are always prompt, so work can begin on your project without us holding you up. We always strive to ensure your project is completed on time and safely, regardless of complexity or size of the project. Over the years, we have consistently delivered high quality scaffolding services that are affordable, competitively priced and fit for purpose.

Competitive prices

Our scaffold system prices are very competitive. At Ace scaffolding Eastbourne, as scaffolding contractors, we believe that good business has to be efficient, reliable, friendly and deliver quality workmanship. We also want every client to believe that our scaffolding system represented good value for money. We price-check against our competitors regularly to ensure that our scaffolding prices are reasonable.

Fast response time

For us at Ace scaffolding Eastbourne, service is just as important as quality of scaffold system equipment and we’ve made it our mission to offer quality scaffolding systems delivered with excellent service. Our business is strategically placed with depots around Eastbourne, East Sussex to enable us to respond quickly in the event of an emergency requirement, such as a structural integrity issue at your building, or a need for more scaffolding.


The scaffolding services we offer are professional, competitive and we strive to meet our clients’ requirements every time. We conduct our work to the highest standard and in compliance with health and safety guidelines in the scaffolding industry.
The scaffolding structures that we deliver can be erected on all kinds of ground – soft and wet, uneven or sloped. To ensure your safety, our scaffolders always fit scaffolding system hires with barriers and protective rails.

We also conduct regular checks to ensure that alterations or the weather haven’t affected the safety of a scaffolding system. We have all the relevant permits and licenses to take on any kind of scaffolding job. With Ace scaffolding Eastbourne, the scaffolding on your building site will meet all regulations and be safe for use.

Safety standards

At Ace scaffolding Eastbourne we crave satisfied customer, which is why each scaffolding project has a single manager from the beginning to the end, to ensure consistent, efficient communication. We also use an independent safety inspectors to further guarantee the safety of our scaffolding systems. We have one of the best teams of scaffold system workers and a superb safety record. Our team of scaffold assemblers are very competent and fully trained and work in compliance with the latest health and safety standards. They also undergo all the latest scaffolding courses and examinations.

Health and safety

ACE scaffolding is CHAS accredited. We hold full employers liability insurance because we do not leave the Health and safety of our clients and their tradesmen to chance. Our scaffolding erectors are highly trained to work in all kinds of environments and they carry out work in a professional manner, in compliance with all scaffolding industry health and safety regulations.

Work at height

One of the most critical things to consider when erecting scaffolding is health and safety. We understand this at ACE scaffolding and this is the reason we keep up with current scaffolding industry standards and trends. By doing this, we can confidently erect scaffolding on your construction that is safe for use at all times.

Our scaffolders are equipped with complete personal protective equipment (PPE), and are also highly trained. Our scaffolders hold CISRS cards. You can trust ACE scaffolding to stick to the highest health and safety standards for work at height, and to provide your workers with the safest environment possible.

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Public liability

ACE scaffolding is committed to delivering scaffolding solutions that are health and safety compliant. We are meticulous in the manner we erect and dismantle the scaffolding systems we supply, to ensure the safety of all the scaffolding systems we deliver.
All our scaffolding systems come with risk assessments, method statements and are regularly inspected on your site. We have full public and employer liability coverage for up to £X million. Our scaffolders conduct work in a manner that is compliant with all health and safety regulations.


Our scaffolding services are tailored to be cost-effective for all budgets. We have low cost deals for both long and short term scaffolding erection and hire. We understand the importance of scaffolding for all kinds of projects (large and small) and know it is only a small part of the budget you have. From £5 million construction projects to residential extensions, you can get a scaffolding solution delivered to your site at a price you will be happy with.

Hire rates

ACE scaffolding has one of the most competitive scaffolding service pricing structures in Eastbourne. WE hire out scaffolding on a day or weekly rate, and add on costs of erection, dismantling, and any other services that you require. To get started, call us today for a free scaffolding hire quotation.

Delivery rates

Are you a homeowner who intends to have some renovation work done safely or a building contractor looking to increase productivity? Hiring the right scaffolding service is important. ACE scaffolding strives to deliver high quality scaffolding services every time. Our charges for delivering scaffolding in Sussex are extremely competitive, because we are based in Eastbourne, East Sussex. Give us a call on 01323 315 033 and we’ll give you a quote on delivering the scaffolding that you need for your project.

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If you would also like to know more about the scaffolding services we offer or would like more information about our premium scaffolding systems, please contact us by calling 01323 315 033.

Frequently asked price related questions

What is systems scaffolding?

Systems scaffolding is a broad term used to describe all kinds of scaffolding used to create a scaffolding structure. Systems scaffolding aka modular scaffolding is made out of pre-engineered vertical and horizontal parts, which are put together in a particular order, so tradesmen can descend and ascend the scaffolding structure with ease. Some of the more popular types of systems scaffolding are staircase towers, quick stage scaffolding, haki scaffolding and access scaffolding.

What is the cost of hiring scaffolding?

The cost of hiring scaffolding will depend on several factors; the type of scaffolding you require, the amount you need and so on. At ACE Scaffolding Eastbourne we provide free competitive quote on request, get in touch today.

I do not know what type of scaffold I need, can you help?

If you would like help selecting the right type of scaffold for your project, please get in touch with us immediately. We will walk you through the different scaffolding solutions available and help you select the right fit for your project.

What is a cup lock scaffolding system?

The cup lock scaffolding system is a popular scaffolding system used for the quick lock-up of a scaffolding structure, with the use of two cup-shaped locks. The cuplock scaffolding system is widely used in the scaffolding industry because it is versatile and easy to use.

Will I need to get a permit to have a scaffolding system installed?

If the scaffolding system is to be installed with in your construction site, you will not need a permit. However, if the scaffolding system would sit on or over public pathways or roads, then you will require a scaffold permit. Permits can be obtained easily by your scaffolding contractor from your local council.

What is the most common type of scaffolding system?

For a lot of projects, supported scaffolding is the go-to choice. Unlike suspended scaffolding, supported scaffolds are erected from the bottom up. Supported scaffolding tends to be more efficient and safe. This is the reason why it is commonly scaffold system type used in construction.

What are the key component of scaffolding?

There are three key components of a scaffolding structure -transoms, ledgers and standards. Standards are of upright vertical tubes which transfer the weight of the entire scaffolding structure to the ground, where it rests on a square base that distributes the load.

What is the outrigger on a scaffold used for?

An outrigger is a supported scaffold made up of platforms resting on outrigger beams (thrust outs) erected facing the building, beyond the wall or on the structure. The inboard ends of an outrigger are typically secured inside the structure or building.

What is Potlock scaffolding

A Potlock scaffolding system is installed using a single ledger and a single row of standards. The Potlock itself is one of the components of a scaffolding system, it functions as a link between the wall of a building and the ledger. Potlock scaffolding is also known as 'bricklayer's scaffolds', because the wall of the building Potlock scaffolding is usually attached to is brick.

What is independent scaffolding?

An independent scaffolding system is made up of two rows of standards, with each row parallel to the building. The inner row is placed close to the building as is practical with just enough space to allow for one or more inner boards, depending on project. The outer boards are usually placed inside the standards and by the building.

What is quick stage scaffolding?

Quick stage scaffolding is a highly adaptable scaffolding system that is fast to erect. Quick stage scaffolding has a wide range of applications for industrial, commercial and domestic building projects, making it the most widely used scaffolding system worldwide.

How does one calculate the load capacity of scaffolding?

To calculate the load capacity of a scaffolding system, you will have to use a height to base ratio of 4:1. This means the scaffolding is usually four times the minimum base width.

How long does it take to erect scaffolding?

It can take anywhere from 2 to 48 hours to assemble a scaffolding system depending on the type of scaffolding to be erected.

What is mobile scaffolding?

Mobile scaffold is a type of supported scaffold that is set on casters or wheels. Mobile scaffolds are designed to be easily moved and are often used for plastering or painting jobs where workers have to change positions frequently.

What is Layher scaffolding?

A Layher scaffolding system has a unique 360 connection technology, which gives the Layher scaffolding system flexibility that is unmatched by other scaffolding systems.

What are the materials used to create scaffolding?

Initially wood was used for scaffolding but by 1922, metal tubes made from steel quickly replaced wooden scaffolding. Currently, metal scaffolding is the standard. Metal scaffolding has been the scaffolding industry standard, since the 1950s. Aluminium and fibreglass are also used for lighter weight scaffolding poles.
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