Temporary Roofs in Eastbourne

You have reached your destination in your search for temporary roof construction by experienced and skilled scaffold specialists in East Sussex. No temporary roof requirement is beyond the expertise of our team. We have a superb track record of erecting temporary roofs and safety netting on short- and long-term contracts.

Temporary roof installation reduces the risks of working at height. We specialise in a variety of scaffolding ranging from building small towers to fix windows to erecting huge temporary roof structures for new buildings.

We also specialise in carrying out design scaffold work for scaffold systems, temporary roofs, support and hanging scaffold for site areas that are not easily accessible. We are proud of the quality of our temporary roof work and the quality of service that we provide our clients. Safety is our watchword in both short-term and major long term construction work.


We have acquired 10 years of experience providing quality service in all sectors of the scaffolding industry. We are eager to provide you with scaffolds that will enhance the smooth running of your projects. Our work covers the domestic, industrial and commercial sectors. Our reputation in specific areas like temporary roofs for historic buildings is a testament to the massive amount of experience we have gained.

We build temporary roofing structures with professionalism and efficiency. We get lots of repeat clients because we ensure each roof is set up safely and is waterproof. Contact us today on 01323 315 033 to discuss the cost and practicalities of us setting up a temporary roof on your structure.

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Commercial building projects require a more comprehensive scaffolding approach. We are specialists in industry-standard commercial-scale scaffolding. Ace scaffolding Eastbourne are experts in the supply and installation of scaffolding in various aspects of commercial projects within Sussex.

Servicing East Sussex

Ace scaffolding Eastbourne specialises in providing access solutions for commercial properties. We boast of our working relationship with reputable clients in the industry.


We’re experienced in scaffolding for industrial projects. We undertake work in difficult areas such as sterile factories and large warehouses. Through it all, we go to great lengths to ensure safety for your workers, our workmen and the general public. For your industrial scaffolding projects, we have superior-quality scaffolding for hire throughout Sussex.

Component Features

Strong beams for large spans

The beam design is completed such that it provides very strong structures with big spans. The beams also have a long life span for ongoing projects.

Robust Sheeting

The heavily reinforced LD polythene cut to different sizes and fixed to braced guardrail frames to prevent leaks are used to ensure our temporary roofs are weatherproof.

Our temporary roofing serves as a better alternative to traditional sheeting because our roofing is hard-wearing and easy to fit with aluminium tracks and keeder beading. The said fitting is produced in fixed lengths. However, extra pockets can be added to the fitting to enhance its flexibility. The tracks are designed to suit the length of the lattice beams and fixed with spring pints and track clamp saddles.

Safe for displacement

Like other Ace scaffolding Eastbourne temporary roofs and access solutions and scaffolding, the prefabricated components are robust and are not easily displaced, meaning they are reliable and safe. They can also be re-used in other scaffolding platforms, rather than thrown away.



Our experience of over 10 years of supply and installation of scaffolding has enabled us to cater for all our clients’ needs. We guarantee you of satisfaction for your choice of Ace scaffolding Eastbourne. Our scaffolds are used for construction and renovation of high buildings.

We have played major roles in providing scaffolding for small, medium and maintenance work, temporary roofing, weatherproofing and new buildings. Such roles have made us the most knowledgeable and experienced scaffolding providers for domestic and commercial clients in East Sussex. We are experts in the provision of custom-made scaffolding for a variety of commercial projects such as renovations, maintenance and new buildings. We are knowledgeable in any area that you need access solutions for. We have the experience to meet your needs with a suitable access tower for the job.

Contact us on 01323 315 033 for the execution of your projects such as architectural inspection, painting and decorating access, construction and general security work. Counting on our wealth of knowledge and experience, we assure you of a perfect access solution that suits your needs.

Our Guarantee

  • Over Six Years Experience
  • Unrivaled Experience
  • An Exceptional Service
  • Unbeatable Value For Money
  • Industry-approved Scaffolders
  • A Full Range of scaffolding Services
  • Professional, Reliable and Diligent
  • 100% Safety and Satisfaction

Quality Scaffolding

If you are searching for quality scaffolding services in East Sussex, you have come to the right place. Ace scaffolding Eastbourne is proud of 10 years of providing professional scaffolding and temporary roofs in Sussex. Our professional and highly-trained workforce are capable of offering quality scaffolding service at the most competitive price and safest conditions. Our workforce team consists of self-motivated individuals. Our goal is the provision of high-quality scaffolding solutions that suits your budget. If you need the design, supply and erection of quality temporary roofing by experts, kindly contact us.

Competitive prices

Our scaffolding services include safety equipment, temporary roofing, access and scaffold systems for sale and hire at affordable prices. We are conscious of your safety and price. Our highly-trained scaffold erectors are capable and willing to meet your requirements.

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We supply quality scaffolds, hoist, temporary roofs and access solutions. We are proud of our track record in value, safety and excellent client service. We provide affordable and quality scaffolding service that is undertaken by our highly- skilled team of scaffolders who will ensure the safety and security of your scaffolding. We hold the firm belief that as a good business, friendliness, reliability, efficiency, quality workmanship and competitive price should be our major focus.

We maintain our position as the preferred social housing scaffolding partner for a large number of social housing providers and local councils who have entrusted us with the delivery of value and quality service.

Our Company, Ace scaffolding Eastbourne Ltd has taken the safety and quality standards of the scaffolding industry to a higher level. This was achieved through our focus on risk management and quality control at all levels of our organization. Our company has established itself at the top level of commercial scaffolding market delivering quality service to large and specialist companies. We assure you of the delivery of quality scaffolding service. We are proud of maintaining a huge client base including major contractors and local authorities.

They have enjoyed our service for several years and are comfortable with our high level of quality service and safety. We at Ace scaffolding Eastbourne are specialists in Edge Protection Scaffolding. We provide the right solution for buildings, providing protection around roofs or some areas on the roof.

Ensuring maximum safety in the work environment prevents the loss of time resulting from bad weather. Such prevention enhances the speedy delivery of our completed projects and serves as a cost-saving technique.

We have various forms of edge protection. We provide solutions to problems related to floor protection or roof edges where people or materials are prone to fall from heights.
In addition, we provide temporary solutions to construction sites and other places that require protection.

We have in stock a variety of fall protection and prevention systems for workers at height. Some of the products are safety netting, staircase access solutions and Guard Rail Systems.


We are capable of providing all kinds of scaffolding such as cantilever drops, splay scaffold pavements, truss, hangers, ramps and access to any height. Our goal in the provision of access scaffolding to clients in East Sussex is to enhance the convenience and safe access to places that are difficult to access on sites.

As one of the largest scaffolding and work at height access contractors within East Sussex, we are capable of executing any job, no matter the size. We tailor our multi-product approach to your project requirements. Our temporary roofing system affords you flexibility and safety that you need either in your construction site as a professional or when completing house renovations.

Easy to assemble

We provide additional services alongside the temporary roofs with strict adherence to Health and Safety legislation to erect scaffolds and safety netting in and around premises such as factories, town centres, retail shopping outlets, bus depots and car parks.

At Ace scaffolding Eastbourne, we are conscious of safety and we ensure the efficient use of all equipment from assembling the scaffolding properly and safely to running regular inspections. We ensure that all our scaffolds and temporary roofs are assembled in the proper place and at the correct height to prevent any avoidable damage to the buildings and to make work easy to complete.

Lattice beams with superior strength

At Ace scaffolding Eastbourne, we supply beams for various applications such as roofing, strengthening and bridging and cantilevered working platforms. We make sure our lattice beams are suitable for connecting standard scaffolding couplers, hence we designed the lattice beams with top and bottom chords and vertical filler bars with 48.3mm external diameter.

We have in stock steel and aluminium lattice beams with lengths of 2-8 range, and heights of 450mm to 750mm range. The steel lattice beams are good for supporting extremely high loads and bridging extremely wide spans. The aluminium lattice beam, which is preferable for ease of handling, is an alternative for lower weight and capacity.

Rolling or static build

We also have rolling towers or static builds for rental. Renting scaffolding of high quality means you can access high places in your construction work. These scaffolds are easy to move mainly because they are lightweight; made from aluminium, a very light material. A mobile tower is equipped with four wheels at the base level; hence it does not require machinery to move the platform.

Ace scaffolding Eastbourne provides scaffold rental service for companies. Companies that need regular or periodic maintenance of their scaffolding are provided with long-term rental contracts. Our company plans and executes fixed projects of scaffold installation and runs the inspections required to keep everything safe and legal. We also specialise in the provision of steel and aluminium scaffolding, both mobile and static- for sale or hire.

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We fully comply with all safety regulations when working on site. With our temporary scaffolding structures, you and your employees are assured of safety while working on a property at height whether you are doing maintenance, repair, cleaning or building work on the platforms.

Safety standards

Our approved health and safety policy consists of a risk assessment and a full method system. We regularly update our staff with current and health and safety regulations on scaffolding. We also keep ourselves abreast of the scaffolding industry’s best practices. We conduct regular inspections of scaffolding on your construction site to ensure the safety of your workmen.

Our company’s aim, with a team of experienced and qualified scaffolders, is the delivery of quality temporary roofs and scaffolding in the safest possible way at all times. Our highly qualified workmen and scaffolders are CITD trained and are capable of delivering their responsibilities to you at a low cost, within your budget, without compromising on safe working practices.

Health and Safety

We have a highly qualified workforce at Ace scaffolding Eastbourne. They are all specially trained in the scaffolding business having completed safety courses by SpanSet. In addition, they have completed first aid training by NUCO safety and access training by NASC which have prepared them for the scaffolding tasks we do.

To ensure we comply fully with the highest possible health and safety standards for all our scaffolding jobs, we make sure our workmen apply their commercial scaffolding experience to the planning of every stage of the process. We ensure we meet all scaffolding legislative standards and operational procedures, including health and safety regulations.

We provide in-house design of temporary roofs and scaffold structures to enhance the safety standards and give value to clients We are fully compliant with the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS). If you need scaffolding services in East Sussex, give us a call on 01323 315 033.

Work Height

Our staff have undergone training to meet the NASC SG4 155 Working at Height Regulations and the present TG20 13 Guidance Notes so as to meet the needs of our clients in East Sussex. We boast of a track record of safety standards because our health and safety officers always undertake onsite inspections and we follow safe scaffolding procedures.

Due to our attention to detail and complete understanding of the Health and Safety regulations, we have been able to achieve an accident-free record, giving you the confidence you need in the safety of all scaffolding erected by our workforce on your site.

To ensure we comply fully with the highest possible health and safety standards for all our jobs, we make sure our workmen apply their commercial scaffolding experience. We ensure we meet all legislative standards and operational procedures including health and safety regulations so as to give you maximum satisfaction.

We provide in-house design engineering to enhance safety and health standards and give value to clients for their money. We are fully compliant with the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS). We look forward to your call for scaffolding services in East Sussex.

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Work Height

Our staff have undergone training to meet the NASC SG4 155 Working at Height Regulations and the present TG20 13 Guidance Notes so as to meet the needs of our clients in East Sussex. We have a track record of complying with safety standards because our health and safety officers are tasked with undertaking onsite inspections.

Because of our attention to detail and thorough understanding of health and safety regulations, we have accident-free records that boost our confidence in ensuring the safety of all scaffolding erected by our workforce on your project site.

Public liability

Our scaffolding staff have acquired professional training and are CISRS trained and certified and comprehensively insured with employers and public liability to the tune of £X million. Our CISRS NVQ trained staff and Public Liability Insurance of £X million has strengthened our position as a responsible scaffolding company you can trust.


When cost is important, hiring scaffolding is normally better than purchasing the scaffolds. Given that scaffolding isn’t always required on a building site, renting might be the most feasible option.

Our popularity in the scaffolding industry soars throughout the UK. We supply you temporary scaffolding boards at low cost. All products on our website are labelled with technical specifications to give you detailed information about what you are about to hire or buy. hire rates Our prices are relatively affordable all the time. Every job is important to us, no matter the size.

Ace Scaffolding Eastbourne

Our prices are based on the products we supply for your scaffolding and other aspects of your project. To inquire about a bulk price for our scaffolding products or to order multiple scaffolding supplies, email or call us on 01323 315 033.

Delivery rates

Ace scaffolding Eastbourne is renowned for providing reliable and affordable scaffolding service with years of experience in East Sussex. Our major goal is the provision of safe scaffolding and excellent client service to East Sussex and neighbouring cities. We aim at being your number one company for scaffolding erection and dismantling.

Contact us

To inspect some of our previous projects, visit our website or call 01323 315 033 for a detailed discussion of your specific scaffolding requirements. You’d be glad to work with us at Ace scaffolding Eastbourne Ltd, we’re leading experts in the scaffolding industry. Feel free to contact our team for further information on our scaffolding service.

Information about Eastbourne


What is a temporary roof?

Temporary roofs serve as protection for construction projects from dust, weather and environmental pollutants. Many of Ace Scaffolding Eastbourne jobs include the building of temporary roof structures as a stand-alone structure or as an extension of an existing scaffold.

When are temporary roofs removed?

After the completion of your project, you are expected to inform us so as to remove the structure. This will allow you to start enjoying your property immediately after the improvement.

How long will it take to be erected?

The size of the temporary roof largely determines the time it will take to set up. In addition, the site, materials to use and some other factors contribute to the duration of the setup. After a quick site survey or after getting relevant details from you, we can give you an estimate of the time it will take to set up.

How is the cost of scaffolding calculated?

Multiply the total number of scaffolding needed by the daily rental costs quoted. This gives you the total amount of daily cost. Multiply the number of days to use the scaffolding by the daily rate; you will get the total cost of the job.

Is a permit required for temporary scaffolding erection?

Generally, temporary scaffolding erection requires no permit. However, if a project extends to a public road or path, a permit is required to erect scaffolding on public right of ways, such as footpaths or pavements. We can obtain permits on your behalf if your project requires permits. Due to our good relationship with local and city councils, helping you to obtain permits will save you time and cost.

Is scaffolding required for roof work?

Yes. Working on the entire roof requires scaffolding. Scaffolding is not only a means of safety for those working at height; it also keeps those on the ground away from danger. In case of risk of tools or materials falling from the roof, scaffolding is essential.

What is the cost of scaffolding rental?

Typical costs: This depends largely on the size, location and type of scaffolding. Renting ranges from XXXX to XXXX a day or XXXX to XXXX a week. Rates may be by the complete kit or by the piece with separate charges for every frame section, guard rail and wheel. Rates may be charged daily, weekly or monthly.

Are roofers required to use harnesses?

Roofers need to use safety harnesses. According to OSHA's law for safety, harnesses are required for workers working six feet and above.

Is it proper for roofers to work at night?

It is not proper for roofers to work at night. Roofing at night is common among builders who wish to avoid the disturbances generated by asphalt during the day. Roofing contractors and building owners are not exempted from this rule.
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