Long-term scaffold hire

Are you currently searching for scaffolding hire in Eastbourne, East Sussex? Choose Ace Scaffolding Eastbourne! Ace Scaffolding Eastbourne is one of the most reputable scaffolding companies in Eastbourne, East Sussex.

We deliver all kinds of scaffolding hire and scaffolding erection services for long and short -term projects in Eastbourne, East Sussex. Ace scaffolding Eastbourne can fulfil any requirement you might have for your project. We have erected and supplied scaffolding systems for newbuilds and renovation work in various sectors in Eastbourne, East Sussex.


As one of the leading companies in Eastbourne, East Sussex, Ace scaffolding Eastbourne is a local authority approved scaffolding contractor. Over the years we have built a large base of satisfied customers in the public, industrial, commercial and domestic sectors in Eastbourne, East Sussex.

Commercial scaffolding services

At Ace scaffolding Eastbourne, we deliver the complete range of scaffolding services for all kinds of commercial project needs. Our commercial access scaffolding solutions are custom built to work on all types of grounds. To ensure disruption of work going on in your business premises is kept to the barest minimum, we erect the scaffolding solutions we deliver for commercial project after hours or on the weekend. For all your commercial scaffolding needs in Eastbourne, East Sussex, choose Ace scaffolding Eastbourne.

Domestic scaffolding services

Ace scaffolding Eastbourne provides excellent domestic scaffolding services, tailored made to match your stipulated specifications. If you would like to hire domestic scaffolding services for your domestic renovation project, you can trust Ace scaffolding Eastbourne to deliver. All the scaffolding systems we supply and erect is handled by our experienced in-house scaffolders.

When you work with Ace scaffolding Eastbourne, you get the expertise of a firm that has been in the business of providing quality scaffolding for a long time. We guarantee you will like the quality of domestic scaffolding system we erect on your property. All our scaffolding systems are erected in compliance with health and safety regulations because Ace Scaffolding Eastbourne prioritises your safety. Get in touch today!

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Industrial scaffolding services

Ace scaffolding Eastbourne has the experience to provide secure and safe scaffolding systems for industrial projects. Over the years, we have delivered scaffolding systems for numerous industrial projects like steelworks scaffolding to build power stations. We have also worked with some of the U.K.’s top companies, providing them with the access solution they request for. Our scaffolders are highly skilled and have the relevant experience to erect scaffolding on industrial site.

Our scaffolding systems are built in compliance with all scaffolding health and safety legislation, which makes Ace scaffolding Eastbourne the right scaffolding contractor for your next industrial project.

Scaffolding types

Access scaffolding

Ace Scaffolding Eastbourne supplies an extensive range of scaffolding equipment and systems to provide access solutions for all kinds of projects. The access towers and platforms we deliver is custom built for the environment it is delivered to. When necessary, we also supply non-conductive towers.

Decorating access

The decorative access scaffolding solution we provide, allows decorators and painters to do renovation work in hard to reach areas of a building structure. With many years of experience erecting and supplying scaffolding, Ace scaffolding Eastbourne delivers only high quality, specialists scaffolding services. Our scaffolding designs are efficient, our scaffolding solutions impeccable. Ace scaffolding Eastbourne safety record is flawless and everything we do is geared towards providing exceptional services to our clients.

Internal scaffolding

Internal scaffolding become necessary for projects where the use of a ladder will be unsuitable. In some instances, birdcages are used for crash decks, during construction of new builds to prevent servicemen from falling into the building. You can trust us to swiftly erect internal scaffolding even in the most inaccessible locations. To guarantee the safety of the scaffolding solutions we deliver, we use only high quality materials and a fleet of fit- for – purpose vehicles to deliver the scaffolding efficiently and safely.

Support scaffolds

Ace scaffolding Eastbourne is one of the scaffolding contractors to trust in Eastbourne, East Sussex for scaffolds that are designed and built to provide support to tradesmen and their equipment.

Our Guarantee

  • Over Six Years Experience
  • Unrivaled Experience
  • An Exceptional Service
  • Unbeatable Value For Money
  • Industry-approved Scaffolders
  • A Full Range of scaffolding Services
  • Professional, Reliable and Diligent
  • 100% Safety and Satisfaction

Weather proofing

Ace scaffolding Eastbourne has the facilities and the equipment to weather- proof all the work areas on your site. We can fit our custom waterproof shrink wrapping system, so your project will experience no downtime as a result of unfavourable weather conditions. With our custom shrink wrapping system, work on your site can be completed on schedule even in bad weather.

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Temporary roofs

Temporary roofs are erected to protect equipment and a building structure from the effects of the weather. For everyday practical work a temporary roof is a sophisticated scaffolding solution that protects equipment and workers without causing disruption to the flow of work. When you have a temporary roof erected, it reduces the risk associated with working at height. At Ace scaffolding Eastbourne we have multiple temporary roofing options you can choose from. We deliver all kinds of temporary roofing scaffolding solutions, from big temporary roof structures for new build, to small towers to fix a window.

Like all our other scaffolding solutions, our temporary roofs comply with all health and safety regulations; they are built to design and specifications. What’s more, our temporary roof systems are lightweight, it puts very little load on the existing structure so it can be used to cover a large area. Our temporary roofs are also easy to dismantle and erect.

Suspended scaffolding

Ace scaffolding Eastbourne is committed to providing quality and safe suspended scaffolding to all our customers. The suspended scaffolding systems we provide is delivered by our highly skilled and fully trained in-house scaffolders. Ace scaffolding Eastbourne scaffolders use high quality scaffolding system to deliver secure and safe access solutions in areas that would otherwise be difficult to access.

With their experience and training, our scaffolders can ensure the suspended scaffolding erected is perfect for each project.

Scaffolding dismantling and erection

Ace scaffolding Eastbourne provides scaffolding erection and dismantling services for all kinds of projects in Eastbourne, East Sussex. Our scaffolders have over 200 years of combined experience, holding CISRS qualifications and CITB registrations. Our scaffolding systems can be used by various sectors; domestic, commercial and industrial.

Scaffolding design

Ace scaffolding Eastbourne is a team of specialist design consultants. We have delivered professional scaffolding design services to a lot of clients in Eastbourne, East Sussex; the industrial and rail sector, main contractors, architects and more.
Our scaffolders demonstrate a level of competence, gotten from their numerous years of practical scaffolding design experience and their training. Which is why we can offer a bold guarantee – your requirements will be fully met.

With over 10 years of experience in the scaffolding industry, we have faith in our ability to deliver to you a scaffold system that is designed to match your exact requirements. We can also provide third-party design checks for BS5975 compliance, full working drawings with comprehensive calculations, site inspections and any other design advice you might need.

Access platforms and hoists

At Ace scaffolding Eastbourne, we have access platforms, cherry pickers and electric hoist equipment for hire in Eastbourne, East Sussex. We can deliver to you the latest in construction hoists for the safe and fast movement of materials and personnel at height.

Our fleet of modern cherry pickers include boom lifts, truck mounted access platforms, spider platforms, scissor lifts and tracked access platforms. All our materials and equipment are sourced directly from some of the most respected manufacturers in the scaffolding business – Wumag, Multitel, Ragno, Genie,Teupen, Haulotte, Skyjack and Niftylift

Why choose Ace scaffolding Eastbourne?


With more than 10 years in installing and supplying scaffolding in Eastbourne, East Sussex, Ace scaffolding Eastbourne has the experience and knowledge to provide you with the best scaffolding solution possible.

Our scaffolders are highly skilled in the scaffolding trade and have built up a wealth of experience over the years. Ace scaffolding Eastbourne can handle all manner of situations that can occur in the scaffolding trade, this is why no job is too demanding for us.

Excellent service

From the moment you schedule a consultation, to when we dismantle the scaffolding solution at your site,the quality of service you get will be excellent.
We strive to maintain our reputation as one of Eastbourne, East Sussex most reliable scaffolding companies, we do not compromise on quality and you can expect only the best.

Quality scaffolding

Ace Scaffolding Eastbourne is one of the leading contractors in the erection and supply of scaffolding for domestic, commercial, industrial and residential buildings in and around Eastbourne, East Sussex. We only deliver quality scaffolding hire and erection services in Eastbourne, East Sussex using premiumscaffolding. Our services are personalised because our goal is to exceed your expectations every single time.

Competitive prices

We’ve been serving property owners and contractors in Eastbourne, East Sussex for over 10 years. In that time, we have built up a reputation for delivering industry leading scaffolding solutions at very competitive rates, without. You can trust us to deliver scaffolding solution to fit your project requirements and budget.


In order for you to get the best out of your scaffold system, you need to have the support of an experienced team. Ace scaffolding Eastbourne is not hands off after the erection of scaffolding is completed. We remain actively involved and committed to your project from start to finish. Our aim is to provide you with the necessary support you will need after you scaffolding has been erected. We conduct regular inspections to ensure the safety of the scaffolding solution. For us, your complete satisfaction is a priority.


We only provide scaffolding solutions which allow you or your employees work on a property at height safely and securely. One of our goals is to be the standard for scaffolding companies in terms of quality and service.

Regardless of what our scaffolding system are designed as per specific project requirements, it is built to comply with all health and safety regulations.

As a business, we keep up with the scaffolding industry best practices and ensure our team members stay up-to-date with all health and safety regulations.

Safety standards

The Ace scaffolding Eastbourne is trained to CISRS and CITB standards. We deliver our scaffolding services in a professional manner and the materials we use conform to the highest safety standards – they are meticulously maintained and regularly inspected.

Health and safety

Health and safety is at the heart of all our operations at Ace Scaffolding Eastbourne. We always meet every relevant legal requirement when delivering our scaffolding services to our clients. Ace scaffolding Eastbourne is dedicated to delivering secure and safe scaffolding solutions, from the start to the completion of a project. We are proud to report that we’ve had no health and safety incidents or accidents in all our years of working as scaffolding contractors. This is a testament to the professionalism of our scaffolders and the attention we pay to details. We have an in-house health and safety officer who oversees all property development projects and ensure they meet our standards.

Work height

At Ace scaffolding Eastbourne, we ensure the scaffolding structure is assembled at the correct height and in the correct place to ensure no damage is done to the building structure. Our scaffolding service is delivered in the safest manner possible and at very competitive rates. Our scaffolders are mandated to undergo regular health and safety training, although they are are all CISRS registered and always work within the 2005 work at height regulations. We leave nothing to chance.

Public liability

To guarantee the safety of our clients and their workmen, all the equipment we use are fully owned and maintained by us in accordance with the scaffolding industry standard. We also have a public liability insurance of £10 million.

Scaffolding hire rates

The Ace scaffolding Eastbourne hire rate is one of the best in the tool hire industry. Our pricing is calculated using a meter rate and is totally dependent on how many lifts you require. To get the exact quote for your project, please request for a free quote today.

Scaffolding collection and delivery

Ace scaffolding Eastbourne has many years of experience in dismantling, erecting and delivering scaffolding in Eastbourne, East Sussex. We can deliver scaffolding hire and other scaffolding services to you anywhere in Eastbourne, East Sussex. Our erection and dismantling service is prompt and we offer next day delivery, when possible.

Get in touch today

Friendly and reliable service is just a phone call away. Please reach us to arrange a free site visit by calling 01323 315 033 or via email at info@acescaffolding-eastbourne.co.uk. We are always willing to provide you with a free no obligation quote. We are always happy to assist in ensuring the scaffolding solution you get, is one you will be satisfied with. Ace scaffolding Eastbourne is one of the best in the business and we look forward to hearing from you.

Information about Eastbourne

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to hire scaffolding?

Yes it is. It is not uncommon for roofers and decorators to provide their own equipment for projects, these equipments however, often do not offer the flexibility your projects needs. If that is the case, you will need to hire scaffolding.

How long does it take to have scaffolding erected?

This is totally dependent on the type of scaffolding been erected. On average, it could be anywhere from 2 to 48 hours.

How much does it cost to rent scaffolding?

Rates are usually charged monthly, weekly, daily or in some instances there are separate charges for each guardrail, wheel or frame section. On average, renting scaffolding can cost anywhere from £XXX to £XXX a day and for a week, £XXX - £XXX depending on the size and type of scaffolding being erected.

How is the cost of scaffolding calculated?

In order to get the total amount spent that will be spent daily, the number of scaffolding you need is multiplied by the daily rental cost quoted. So, to get the total sum you will spend per project, you need to determine how many days you need the scaffolding for, then multiply this figure by the daily rate.

Why is scaffolding necessary?

To ensure the safety of workers during the building or maintenance of a structure high up, the use of temporary platforms (scaffolds) becomes necessary. Scaffolding offer support, elevates and provide a platform for materials and workmen to work up high during the construction process.

When will I need permission to put up scaffolding?

If the scaffolding to be put up is within the boundary of your property, then you will not need a licence. However, if your builder or scaffolder is erecting part of the scaffolding on the road or pavement outside your property, then permission has to be obtained from your local council.

Do I really need scaffolding?

A lot of roofers are happy to carry out minor repairs using harnesses and ladders but a lot of the time, many roofers will not. The simple truth is, whether your repair work requires scaffolding will depend on the kind of job being done.

How do I figure out what scaffolding solution I need?

You first need to determine what height you need to stand at. Height needs to be measured accurately as there is no room for guesswork, this measurement is called, platform height. All our scaffolding packages are quoted based on platform height. That is, the actual height your feet will be on(working height is calculated by adding the 6 feet to the total platform height) . Once your height has been determined, you would need to figure out length. Please note, height is more important, this is why our packages come with a standard 7ft length(most basic systems are standardised at 5 feet) . For tight areas, we offer specialists narrow packages. What this means is, if the platform is 7 feet long and 5 feet wide and you would like a longer work area, the increments is 7 feet, followed by 14, 21 feet, 28 feet, 35 feet and so on. With scaffolding, it is best to picture them as stacked building blocks , to get a specific height, a length of block has to be stacked on another.

What does working at height mean?

In simple terms, working at height refers to working in the areas where a person can be injured from a fall or slip, even if it is below ground level. Working at height regulations covers all work at heights spaces where there is a risk of falls that can cause personal injury.

What is the minimum height for working at height?

There is no general standard but the HSE operational guidance suggests that for guardrail heights in non-construction activities, it should be a minimum of 950mm. Protection below this height needs to be justified by a risk assessment.
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