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The scaffolding services we provide at Ace Scaffolding, Willingdon and Jevington, are reliable

If you’re working on a long term, large scale project or just a small one that would require a few materials and you need a scaffolding partner, Ace Scaffolding is your best option.

Building, repairs, maintenance, re-decoration, and anything else scaffolds would be needed for, our scaffolds are sure to fit. It doesn’t matter the type of project you have going on, we have many kinds of scaffolding units.

Our focus is on providing the best services at affordable prices. Making the right choice of contractors is something we understand is important to our clients. This is why we make all efforts to meet and exceed their expectations. We don’t fail to show, supply the wrong parts or deliver late.

Many different requirements can be met by our scaffolds and services because they are flexible. Our in house draughtsmen in Willingdon and Jevington are highly experienced and can qualified enough to make great designs to fit your project excellently. Sitting with your team can help us understand your project needs and figure out the best most suitable solution. Our personnel are always fast, efficient, safety driven and never leave chaos behind.

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Our services in Willingdon and Jevington

We have a variety of scaffolding services that can work with various kinds of projects. We have designed flexible and detailed processes to meet all our client’s requirements as we know how different every project can be. We only make available scaffolds made from materials of the highest quality to ensure reliability and durability. If it comes to it, we have a team in place that can develop the right designs for the conditions of your project. Our services are available in the following areas:

Domestic scaffolding

On the occasion that you need to repair the interior of your home, our reputation for quality service delivery precedes us. We provide the ideal range of scaffolds and towers that would be ideal for roofing repairs, building extensions, painting and chimney stack repairs. The people in our team are competent and versed enough to provide service of great quality.

The following are the domestic scaffolding services we offer:

Internal scaffolding

When ladders are not the best option for safe and proper task accomplishment, internal scaffolding is a great option to consider. In Willingdon and Jevington, we have quite a number of internal scaffolding options. This is not a limited option. At Ace scaffolding, we employ methods such as birdcages which are great for all round access.

Commercial scaffolding

Commercial and industrial projects are usually very sensitive and always need the right tools in the right combination. We offer scaffolds for projects of any size. We have just what you need for construction or repair purposes.

We have the following on hand in Willingdon and Jevington for commercial projects:

  • Design and installation
  • Load bearing scaffolds
  • Shoring up and supports
  • Chimney stacks
  • Temporary roofing solutions
  • Restoration and renovation scaffolding
  • Roof repairs and maintenance
  • scaffolding alarm systems

24 hour emergency service

For any issues that may occur with your scaffolds, we have a 24 hour emergency service in place at Ace scaffolding, Willingdon and Jevington. We try to avoid emergencies as best as we can, but if they happen to occur, you only need to call our experts who are on standby. We also monitor the safety of the scaffolds we install through routine inspections we conduct while they are in use.

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We Are Also Available to Offer Scaffolding Related Advice

Scaffolding design and erection

There are times when certain projects require special scaffolding designs because of how unique they are. We happen to excel at creating scaffolding designs for projects with special requirements, thanks to our 26 years of experience. We can work with you to get all of your requirements and understand the needs of your project scaffolding. All of our designs are safe for our clients, their employees and even the general public. By collaborating with our design team, you can get the right scaffolding for your project.

All of our services take a holistic approach. We will erect your scaffolding regardless of where you are in Willingdon and Jevington. We are safety conscious, which is why we take all the necessary steps and precautions when assembling scaffolds for our clients. Our experts can provide very safe scaffolding installation services with how experienced they are and their understanding of the importance of paying attention to details. We can help you take down your scaffolds at the end of your project. It is always better to let professionals dismantle your scaffolds, even though it isn’t such a difficult task. We leave every place tidy and are aware of all the precautions to follow. That way, you can be sure to get all-round safe procedures when it comes to your scaffolding.

scaffolding options available at Ace Scaffolding, Willingdon and Jevington

For your elevated access requirements, there are quite a number of scaffold options available at Ace scaffolding. We have aluminium, fiberglass, kwikscaf and universal options, all depending on the kind of project you’re handling.

We also make available trestles, ladders and roof harness kits for elevated access needs. We can advise you on making the right scaffold choice if you’re not sure what that is.

Standard Scaffolding

For construction, repairs and renovations such as brick layering, roofing, rendering and painting, this kind of scaffolding would work just fine. Aluminium scaffolds is usually the ideal scaffold type for such projects. Two people or one person with some equipment can work safely because of the allowed safe working load of 225kg. The base, height and width can be varied, which would make it to easily access even the spots that are usually hard to access.

Narrow Access Needs

A common worry about getting work done in narrow areas is making available safe elevated access for workers. In a bid to prevent a possibility of serious and frequent accidents, using the most suitable scaffolding available for confine area work would be the ideal path to take. We offer such options as well as the right know-how to set them up. With narrow bases and adjustable platform heights, the universal scaffolding we provide are great for limited access as they can provide balance and secure platforms. For limited access we can provide extension ladders. They have adjustable lengths that make them suitable for moving things and people. Depending on the needs of the projects, we can provide ladders of varying lengths suitable for regular elevated access. Roof ladders are available if you’re working on a roof in Willingdon and Jevington. With the wheels and hooks they have, movement as well as secure locking in place can be made easy.

We Are Also Available to Offer Scaffolding Related Advice Where Needed

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Mobility Needs

Some jobs require a lot of moving around for things and people. The wrong choice of scaffolding can be make this difficult and unsafe as well. Such requirements work well with lightweight scaffolding options. Accessibility to every part of the site can be achieved with kwikscaf which is common choice when it comes to mobility.

It can be used as a trolley and set up to take away obstacles on the ground level. If you’re cleaning, plastering, doing some maintenance or signwriting, this is a great option. With a safe working load of about 200kgs, your workers can even take their gear along.

Electrical and Chemical Safety

If you’re working on a project that has to do with electricity and chemicals, fibreglass scaffolding will work perfectly. Its nonconductive characteristics make it more suitable than aluminium for projects that need electrical safety. Solid enough to safely hold up to 225kgs load, fibreglass is light and unaffected by any chemical reactions. The fibreglass scaffolding we provide in Willingdon and Jevington can be set up quickly and with ease. In addition, its base and height are suitable for different types of projects.

Height Needs

If your project requirements includes a lot of elevation, we can provide all you would need at Ace scaffolding, Willingdon and Jevington. We have roof harness kits available that are secure and of high quality and contain harness, shock absorbing straps, anchor straps, rope adjuster, user manuals and carry case. For working on a roof, a roof harness kit is always recommended.

We Can Help you Make the Right Choices

It is possible you’re not so sure about the exact scaffolding specifications for your project in Willingdon and Jevington. You don’t have to worry at all. We have a well informed and competent team with nearly 30 years of experience that can be of help to you. You can provide all of your requirements and concerns and we can get the right scaffold options for you. We welcome questions and concerns and our scaffolding experts are always on ground to make sure you get the answers and guidance you need. You only need to reach out to us to get a free, no obligation survey and quotation.

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We Are Also Available to Offer Scaffolding Related Advice